Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a stream of passive income. However, it can also be a gamble. Without proper research, you might find it difficult to join the right programs. After all, who wants to promote products that might not have a good ROI?

However, if you can locate high-quality products that your visitors are interested in, affiliate marketing is a viable technique (and that you can feel proud to recommend).

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the top affiliate networks. From physical goods to digital goods, major companies to small brands—an there’s affiliate platform on our list that will help you find the right fit for your business.

Let’s dive into some of the best affiliate networks to promote.

Best Affiliate Networks: The Highest Paying in 2024

To help you get started on the right foot, we’ve compiled some of the best affiliate networks for digital marketers to make money online this year:

  1. Perform[cb] – #1 CPA Affiliate Marketing Network
  2. Affiliaxe – Popular Choice for Global Affiliate Marketers
  3. Flex Offers – Simple and Straightforward Commission Structure, Best for Beginners
  4. Spocket – Extremely easy and straightforward to use
  5. MaxBounty – Excellent Bonus Offers
  6. ClickBank – Earn Up to 75% Commissions
  7. eBay Partner Network – $10 Minimum Withdrawals
  8. Impact – Best for Working with Big Name Brands Like Nike & Adidas
  9. Refersion – Advanced Affiliate Tracking
  10. Amazon Associates – Easiest Brand and Platform to Promote
  11. – Wide Variety of High-Ticket Brands
  12. Awin (Affiliate Window) – Earn Up to 50% in commissions
  13. Share A Sale – Promote Over 16,000 Merchants
  14. Make HQ – Fully integratable APIs

Before Starting Affiliate Marketing: Key Takeaways

  • Diverse Affiliate Networks: The landscape of affiliate marketing is vast, with a network suitable for every niche, from digital products to physical goods. Top networks like Perform[cb], Affiliaxe, and Amazon Associates offer a range of products and commission structures to suit different marketing strategies.
  • Research is Crucial: Finding the right affiliate network and products requires thorough research. Consider factors like commission rates, cookie duration, and the network’s reputation. Remember, success in affiliate marketing is not just about choosing products but also about aligning with networks that offer the best support and terms for your marketing efforts.
  • Earnings Potential and Challenges: While affiliate marketing presents an opportunity for significant earnings, it’s important to manage expectations. Your potential income can vary widely based on the network, the products you choose to promote, and your marketing strategies. Additionally, consider the challenges like competitive markets and the need for consistent traffic generation.
  • Verification and Trust: Transparency is key in affiliate marketing. Ensure that you’re working with verified and trustworthy networks to avoid scams. Affiliate marketing requires commitment, and building trust with your audience is essential for long-term success.

Best Affiliate Networks 2024: Earn Cash Today

Finding the right products to promote as an affiliate can be a long and tedious task.

It requires hours of research. Not to mention, applying for each program individually each time you find a product you want to promote can be time-consuming and ineffective. To help you find the best products, we’ve compiled a list of the best affiliate networks for merchants to help you rake in money from your efforts.

1. Perform[cb] – #1 CPA Affiliate Marketing Network

Celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2022, Perform[cb], the brand comprised of industry pillars Clickbooth, Adperio, Ignite OPM, and Digital Remedy’s direct business, has been voted #1 CPA Network by affiliate partners and advertisers for six consecutive years in mThink’s annual Blue Book Survey.


Working with Perform[cb] grants affiliates access to hundreds of advertisers and marketers, thousands of top-performing campaigns from the world’s largest brands, and patented technology built just for you.

With a reputation for having the highest quality and most exclusive offers, Perform[cb] is a recognized digital advertising leader and one-of-a-kind performance marketing network with an uncommonly broad range of revenue-generating offerings.


  • Tracking Platform – Built in-house on an advanced AI algorithm and constantly releasing new updates and features, their team works around the clock to maximize partner performance.
  • They offer a broad range of revenue-generating payment models including CPA (Cost-Per-Action), CPC (Cost-Per-Click), CPE (Cost-Per-Engagement), CPI (Cost-Per-Install), CPL (Cost-Per-Lead), CPS (Cost-Per-Sale), Pay-Per-Call, and OTT.
  • Optimization and offer-rotation technologies allow their affiliate partners to spend time scaling their business as opposed to managing it
  • One-of-a-kind mobile app for managing your affiliate business on the go
  • Patented, proprietary anti-fraud software gives the network exceptional stability, so compliant publishers can rely on long-term profitability
  • Dedicated affiliate experts work around the clock to help maximize campaign performance, from assistance with tracking links, offer formats, impression tracking, and more.


  • Top-rated Account Managers to support your business and you
  • Partner mobile app
  • Proprietary tracking platform
  • Flexible payment options
  • Brand protection & compliance
  • Custom Domains

Commission Structure

Perform[cb] pays its affiliates as fast as weekly, which means that the commission can be withdrawn seven days after a conversion has been made. The minimum payout for affiliates is $50, and payments are made via direct deposit, wire transfer, check, and PayPal, among other popular payment solutions.


As a worldwide marketer, Affiliaxe is another popular option. Use it to target a wide range of customers. With so many goods and discounts to select from, it’s easy to choose what works best for you and your company.

An Affiliate Manager is also included to help with traffic optimization and bonus design so that you may earn as much as possible if approved into the program. Dedicated Affiliate Manager: Their referral program, on the other hand, gives you an additional 4% of your earnings.


  • Affiliate referral benefits are also worth mentioning since they earn an additional 5% for each new member they bring on board. This method of earning money might be quite advantageous to your website or traffic sources. Despite the lack of advertising and a long registration process, some users choose not to register an account.


  • People and resources from all over the world.
  • It has a high payout success rate.
  • Insurance protects the company’s vendors.
  • A virtual personal assistant who can keep an eye on you in real-time.


  • Getting in is tough.
  • Advertisers are hard to come by.

Commission Structure

Affiliaxe pays its members every 2 weeks—that’s twice as often as most other opportunities. We know that life is hectic and that sometimes things come up, so we want to make sure you get your payments on time no matter what. Our minimum payout is $100, so there’s no reason to wait around if you don’t have the cash.

Software Our Score Pricing
AffiliaXe ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Free

3. Flex Offers – Multiple Product Offers to Promote

Flexoffers is a massive affiliate network. Its performance-based commission structure is met with great enthusiasm. Plus, it provides affiliates with access to over 12,000 brands encompassing different industries including software and digital products.


Real-Time Tracking – FlexOffers has a streamlined affiliate dashboard. It allows you to track your earnings and upcoming payouts in real-time.

Tons of Tools – FlexOffers has an extensive set of tools that can be used by affiliates in their marketing endeavors. Some of their tools include the ability to create banners, add product feeds, track affiliate databases, and create special campaigns for mobile devices and newsletters, among others.


  • Caters to a wide range of industries
  • A good choice for beginners with limited traffic sources
  • No minimum sale requirements


  • Payments take a while to be released
  • Charges transaction fees on all payouts

Commission Structure

Flexoffers includes over 12,000 advertisers and thousands of products and services. This makes calculating earnings from FlexOffers affiliate marketing difficult. But you can get a rough idea. You’ll know this when you pick an advertiser and look at their sale percentage or lead price.

If you plan ahead, multiply your traffic projections by a cautious sale price. But it also depends on what you want to advertise. As an example:

For a $40 cost-per-lead program with 10,000 monthly page views and a 3% conversion rate, the arithmetic is as follows:

30 leads from 10,000 pageviews = 3%

30 $40 leads = $1200

Affiliate Network Commission Rate Cookie Duration Rating
FlexOffers 3% 30 days ⭐⭐⭐⭐

4. Spocket – Quick and Easy Payouts

Sharing Spocket with your friends and followers as part of the Spocket Partner Program is a fantastic opportunity to increase revenue through affiliate marketing and earn commissions. You have the potential to make up to $1,080 per year for every entrepreneur that you refer to.


  • The platform supports a global audience – Customers all over the world can buy products that you import from suppliers located all over the world.
  • Multiple Vendors to Choose From – A significant number of reputable vendors are available to Sprocket users through various rigorous qualification evaluation processes.
  • Embedding Feature – You may use Sprocket to sell on your website or blog and on social networks like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.
  • Fully Customizable – Customization of products is possible via the Import List page.


  • Deliveries arrive in short order.
  • Suppliers of sprockets are primarily located in North America or Europe.
  • Exceptional customer service and return policy
  • An easy-to-use interface (using Sprocket is straightforward)
  • Automated price and inventory updates
  • Verified vendors and products that have been thoroughly tested
  • Building a solid brand requires personalized invoices.
  • A 14-day free trial is available for new customers.


  • There is no free option.
  • Pricey compared to rivals
  • Paywalls keep the best products out of the public eye.
  • There isn’t any unique packaging.

Commission Structure

As a reward for their efforts, affiliates may earn up to $450 for each referral and a 30% commission for 15 months. Spocket offers three different pricing choices to customers: There is a $9/month entry-level plan available. The Pro plan costs $49 per month.

Affiliate Network Commission Rate Cookie Duration Rating
Sprocket Affiliate up to 30% 90 days ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

5. MaxBounty – Extremely Generous Returns

MaxBounty is a unique affiliate network because many of its offerings are not typical CPS (cost per sale) schemes. As we all know, there are several CPA offer networks. But MaxBounty has the advantage of experience. That’s a big factor in affiliate marketing. Not to mention, they offer excellent performance bonuses that are hard to ignore.


  • Excellent Affiliate Offers – Maxbounty is the most excellent CPA network since it includes a large variety of offers from all around the world, fast and safe payments, and various ways to communicate with the account manager.


  • Their merchants come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Pays well, tools, training program, and regular payments are available, as are dedicated account managers.


  • Signing Up Is a Hard
  • Everyone isn’t greeted with open arms.
  • You’ll Need to Deposit Money First.
  • It’s Strict at Maxbounty.
  • There is a small space in Maxbounty

Commission Structure

MaxBounty also provides new affiliates a $1,000 performance-based incentive after three months of earning $1,000 per month. The incentive is available after the fourth month. eCheck, ACH, Wire, Bitcoin, or Check are weekly payments to affiliates.

Affiliate Network Commission Rate Cookie Duration Rating
Maxbounty Affiliate 30% 90 days ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

6. ClickBank – Tons of promotional tools

ClickBank is an affiliate network with hundreds of digital items such as e-books, movies, and software available. They act as a link between affiliates and goods providers. Enroll as an affiliate with ClickBank and browse their marketplace for items from their partners.


TID and VTID – Using TIDs gives you the data you need to decide where to focus your efforts. Using TIDs to track sales allows you to pinpoint sales sources. For example, to track Twitter links, prefix the TID “Twitter” to your HopLink. You can examine the statistics for clicks, sales, refunds, etc. in your ClickBank reporting.

Pitch Plus – Upselling boosts overall revenue per client for both vendors and affiliates. Because the customer does not have to re-enter their credit card information, one-click upsells can convert incredibly effectively if the offers are relevant.


  • Easy sign-up
  • Tons of promotional tools
  • There are multiple digital and physical products to promote on the platform
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Extremely high commissions


  • A lot of spam products
  • Plenty of competition

Commission Structure

ClickBank On ClickBank, sellers can provide revenue sharing (sometimes called revshare) or CPA commissions (cost per action). Revenue share is a % commission while CPA is a flat fee (which depends ultimately on the seller). In both commission models, affiliates only get paid on completed sales. On average, affiliates are paid up to 75% in commissions depending on the merchant.

Affiliate Network Commission Rate Cookie Duration Rating
ClickBank Up to 75% 60 days ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

7. eBay Partner Network – Best Mobile Affiliate Networks

eBay links millions of buyers and sellers from around the world, empowering individuals and creating opportunities for everyone, no matter where they live. Regardless of the product you promote, you can receive money for any traffic that results in a sale. You can make a big difference by sending traffic to your high-converting landing pages.


First-Class Tech Support – eBay has a team of engineers who will help you with any technical issues. They offer 24/7 support for affiliates, so even when you can’t log in, you will get assistance. You can contact them via email, phone, or live chat.

Multiple Affiliate Model Support – Promote eBay products and services in any way you see fit. You can place links in your email signature, on your website, in your social media networks, on forums and blogs, or even with text links.


  • Wide range of products and services to choose from
  • Multiple support tools for affiliates to use
  • Plenty of withdrawal options
  • Low withdrawal threshold


  • Low commission rate
  • Short cookie duration

Commission Structure

Your eBay affiliate earnings are based on the campaign’s performance and the merchant’s commission rate. So you should choose products that are likely to do well and have a high commission rate. Your commission is a part of eBay’s profit. It’s based on the sale price and is capped per transaction. The commission rates are by-product or service. The average eBay affiliate commission ranges from 1% to 4%. Some items are not eligible for commissions. These contain things from which eBay earns little.

Affiliate Network Commission Rate Cookie Duration Rating
eBay Partner Network 1 to 4% 24 hours ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

8. – Best CPA Affiliate Network

Impact Affiliate is a top affiliate platform. You can work with famous companies like Adidas, Airbnb, Lenovo, and more. Not to mention essential tracking and automation tools to increase your affiliate program performance.


Multiple Promotional Tools – Impact makes it incredibly easy to promote your affiliate links with a whole host of promotional material ready from the box.

Top Brands – The biggest advantage Impact has over its competitors is that it gives you an opportunity to promote top brands like Nike.


  • Available software for automation
  • Possibilities for collaboration with well-known businesses
  • It’s free to join
  • Multiple ways to withdraw funds are available


  • Difficulty getting into top brand programs

Commission Structure

Impact follows a vendor-based commission structure. So it really depends on the brands you’re promoting. Keep an eye out for high-performing brands to earn as much as you can. What’s great about the platform is that vendors offer a flat fee for each successful referral.

Affiliate Network Commission Rate Cookie Duration Rating
Impact TBD 24 hours ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

9. Refersion – Advanced Affiliate Tracking

Refersion is an affiliate and influencer affiliate network that fits eCommerce brands perfectly. Its highly organized user interface and wide range of products and brands coupled with its excellent customer support are exactly what drives affiliates to the platform.


Campaign and Lead Management – Refersion allows you to create various types of marketing campaigns. Some of their functionalities include the ability to track affiliate links, track referrals, generate reports, manage leads, and campaign your affiliate program. With a few clicks, you can also create multiple types of campaigns like banners or popups.

Affiliate Management – Affiliates can set up their own affiliate links and tracking programs through Refersion’s HTML5 code. Their interface is simple and easy to use.


  • Organized and friendly user interface
  • Tons of affiliate tracking functionalities
  • Affiliate payouts are simple
  • Can be integrated with all major e-commerce platforms
  • Customer support is top-notch


  • Does not allow cross-device tracking
  • No API functionality

Commission Structure

You have three options for commission structures, each with additional possibilities:

Usually calculated as a percentage of total order value, the percentage of sale commission ranges from 0-100 percent, but most are between 10-20 percent.

A flat rate commission is a commission paid towards the affiliate regardless of order value or discounts. If your flat-rate commission is $5, you’ll earn $5 even if a hat is $4.75 off.

Tiered is an incentive-based framework that allows affiliates to earn progressive commissions based on sales or conversions.

Affiliate Network Commission Rate Cookie Duration Rating
Refersion Up to 20% 30 days ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

10. Amazon Associates – Best Affiliate Networks for Advertisers

Technically, Amazon Associates is just one retailer’s affiliate program. However, their product range is so huge that you won’t have trouble finding products to promote here. Whether you want to drill down on a specific niche, or promote anything and everything, you won’t have trouble finding a user base that will immediately connect with your efforts.


High Conversion Rate – Amazon has a simple and intuitive affiliate program. The payout range is between 20-50% depending on the product. It may not sound like much, but lower commissions can be desirable if you are promoting Amazon as an affiliate due to their popularity.

Easy Promotional Tools – Amazon offers several promotional tools to help you promote products both online and offline. You can use their in-house tools or Google Adsense or other platforms’ code for different purposes such as email signature, blog posts, and webinars.


  • Reputable and well-trusted brand
  • Tons of products to promote
  • Great customer base, easy to promote
  • Free to join


  • Payout cuts
  • Short cookie duration

Commission Structure

Amazon Associates get paid once the order ships. You won’t get paid if the consumer cancels the order before shipping, or if a consumer returns goods, the commission is withheld.

Depending on how many referrals you make for Amazon, you might earn anywhere from $100 to $20,000. The Amazon Affiliate program pays out a portion of each sale which ranges from 1 to 3%.

Affiliate Network Commission Rate Cookie Duration Rating
Amazon Associates 1 to 3% 24 hours ⭐⭐⭐⭐

11. Overall Best Affiliate Network

CJ has the most well-known brands of any affiliate network. This network’s affiliate marketers and advertisers are drawn to brands like Zappos, Verizon, Barnes & Noble, and IHG (International Hotel Group). It also has 2,869 additional brands.


Earning Opportunities – Digital goods sales are the main source of CJ Affiliate commissions. Most platform marketers pay on a cost per acquisition (CPA) basis. So you get paid every time you generate a sale, lead, or call for the advertiser. Some brands provide pay-per-view or pay-per-click commissions. You get paid when someone sees an affiliate video or clicks an affiliate link. Other affiliate schemes allow you to promote their items on social media.

Pay-per-call Software – CJ Affiliate also offers pay-per-call software, which makes it easy to promote affiliate offers and earn commissions when referrals call the merchant.


  • CJ Affiliate has a wide variety of high-profile businesses to choose from
  • The ability to check the performance of your links with additional features
  • Payments made within 20 days after the end of the month
  • An easy-to-use tool for finding and joining affiliate programs and creating affiliate links


  • It primarily deals with digital goods; there are few physical items
  • Strict user regulations make it difficult to become an affiliate

Commission Structure

CJ Affiliate pays out within 20 days of the month’s end. The minimum withdrawal is $50 and the highest is $1000. In some countries, you can withdraw by direct deposit. Payoneer is the second option and is available in most countries. No credit cards or PayPal payouts at CJ Affiliate. The commission rates vary from merchant to merchant so it’s a good idea to take a closer look at what each brand has to offer.

Affiliate Network Commission Rate Cookie Duration Rating
CJ Affiliates Varies by Merchant 24 hours ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

12. Affiliate Window (Awin) – Voted Best Affiliate Network in 2018

Awin or Affiliate Window is well-known for its straightforward and beginner-friendly affiliate network platform. Their user interface is exceptionally easy to understand despite their wide selection of over 30,000 programs. Plus, applying for each of these programs is quick and easy.


Over 13,000 Partners – Awin isn’t like Amazon or Etsy; it has multiple partners and over 13,000 brands. The items and services sold by these marketers fall into four categories, each with multiple niches: finance and insurance, retail, telecommunication, and travel.

Desktop Marketing – It is also a desktop affiliate network, allowing affiliates to advertise desktop-related offers rather than mobile-related ones. Marketing in this field may make affiliates a lot of money.


  • User-friendly interface
  • 30,000+ advertisers available
  • Nice commissions
  • Easy application


  • An application fee of £5 is needed (although returned)
  • Affiliate programs usually require individual application

Commission Structure

The prices for various items vary on Awin, as they do on other affiliate networks. Some goods pay 50% commission, while others pay less than 10%. It depends on the software. Cost per lead (CPL), cost per action (CPA), and cost per sale (CPS) are some examples of revenue models. Customers that visit Awin’s site can earn money by subscribing to emails, clicking on advertisements, filling out forms or completing purchases.

Affiliate Network Commission Rate Cookie Duration Rating
Awin Up to 50% 1 hour ⭐⭐⭐⭐

13. Share A Sale – Best User Interface

Since 2000, ShareASale has been one of the most popular and largest affiliate marketing networks. As of this writing, they are working with more than 16,500 merchants across a wide range of industries.


Affiliate API – Customize your affiliate site to your heart’s content using the Affiliate API’s array of useful data, links, and assets.

Comprehensive Reporting Suite – In addition, you’ll have access to a top-notch reporting tool. Using this platform, you may assess your performance and plan for the future. Here you can also find out how to fix broken links.

Tons of Products – Finding the proper companion is easy when you have so many possibilities at your disposal. In order to find exactly what you’re looking for, you can either use the Merchant search or browse through the many subcategories. To begin, look for vendors in your specific market.


  • Two commission structures
  • Easy to navigate user interface
  • Excellent search and filter settings
  • Can be integrated with multiple websites
  • A wide variety of industries covered


  • The web design is a bit outdated

Commission Structure

The commissions set by your merchant determine your payout as an affiliate. The 20th of each month is designated as a payment day for affiliates. After being authorized as a ShareASale affiliate, you must select an appropriate merchant ShareASale affiliate program to promote. ShareASale has over 16000 vendors. To advertise the product, you must use affiliate links and other marketing materials. In exchange for your referral links, the merchant will pay you. Affiliates can utilize the report area to track their success. A reward is also available after your account reaches $50.

Affiliate Network Commission Rate Cookie Duration Rating
Share A Sale Varies per merchant 90 days ⭐⭐⭐⭐

14. Make HQ (Formerly Integromat) – No Downtime Affilaite Program

Make, known initially as Integromat, is a program that enables the visual creation, construction, and automation of workflows. You can link apps with just a few clicks using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface and then design scenarios that can contain any number of workflows. In addition, you can choose to have your strategies run immediately or on a predetermined timetable or watch them run in real-time whenever you like. The affiliate program offers the same rate of revenue, twenty percent, for annual and monthly memberships.

Key Features

  • Users establish scenarios to connect various apps or services and transmit data. A scenario is called a “scenario” (ex: Cognito Forms and MailChimp). A scenario is made up of several different modules in sequential order.
  • New panels include: Check out the overall number of users and organizations you have brought to Make, in addition to the money you have made through our affiliate program.
  • Source tracking: In the Activities Section, you now have the ability to trace the URL from which your users originate. This allows you to monitor which blog entries, videos, or social media postings are performing the best, allowing you to concentrate on maximizing the potential of those channels.
  • The dashboard now contains data on conversion rates for paid (registration vs. paid) and general (clicks vs. registrations) conversions.
  • Tabs labeled “User,” and “Organization” allow you to view comprehensive statistics about users and organizations.
  • If any of your users decide to upgrade, you will continue to earn commissions up to the conclusion of the 24 months, at which point will be the entity responsible for paying you.
  • You will continue to collect commissions on Integromat for your users who remain subscribed to Integromat for as long as the Integromat platform is supported. This is the case regardless of whether or not the user cancels their subscription.
  • is the only place where new users may sign up, and the limited-time special commission offer (which you can read about above) will be available for new users for the first three months after the debut of Make.


  • Any API can be integrated
  • Drag and drop builder makes the process much easier.
  • Consistently running a scenario with no errors or failures.
  • A scheduler that prevents you from going over your API limit
  • Opportunities to tailor fields and data to the specific needs of a given use case.
  • The ability to connect with potential customers via Facebook is priceless.
  • Use any Google app with this connection.


  • Make requires considerable delay on some apps before they can be used.
  • Increasing the number of operational services
  • Adding WhatsApp message sending functionality
  • We’d like to see more platforms and linkages emerge.
  • A sliding scale of payment for operations (tasks) rather than tiers of income is more flexible.
  • Improved guidance for connecting to multiple platforms and resolving issues

Commission Structure

Unfortunately, Make HQ does not disclose its commission structure nor its commission rates at this moment.

Affiliate Network Commission Rate Cookie Duration Rating
Make HQ undisclosed undisclosed ⭐⭐⭐

    How Much Money Can I Earn From an Affiliate Network?

    An affiliate network can be a lucrative way to earn some cash on the side. In fact, more and more bloggers are using affiliate marketing as a primary source of income. With the right skills and resources, it can become your main source of income. But how much money can you make with affiliate marketing?

    Here’s a quick comparison table of how much you can earn with some of the affiliate networks above.

    Affiliate Network Commission Cookie Duration
    AffiliaXe TBD 30 days
    FlexOffers 3% 30 days
    Spocket Up to 30% 90 days
    MaxBounty Up To $1,000 90 days Varies by merchant 24 hours
    ClickBank Up to 75% 60 days
    eBay Partner Network 1 to 4% 24 hours
    Impact TBD 24 hours
    Refersion Up to 20% 30 days
    Amazon Associates 1 to 3% 24 hours
    Affiliate Window 50% 1 hour
    Share A Sale Varies by Merchant 90 days
    Make HQ NA NA

    Which Affiliate Network Should You Use?

    There are many things to consider when deciding which affiliate network you should use. You need to look at the size of their exchange and the niche you’re interested in. Here are some benchmarks we recommend you look for:

    Commission Rates

    How much does the network offer its affiliates? The first thing you need to consider is whether or not you’re paid enough for your time promoting a network’s partners. typically, you’ll want to look for a high commission rate. However, you should also consider how hard the network works to pay its affiliates. Some networks will have shorter payout minimums and faster payout times so you can make more on commission for each sale.

    Payout Minimums

    Does the network have a minimum payout? It’s important to look at the minimum payout before joining an affiliate network. You want to make sure you’re getting paid for your time. However, you should check the time that it takes to be paid out because some networks have longer payout schedules as they receive more revenue from their clients.

    Conclusion: What Is the Best Affiliate Network for 2024?

    Choosing the best affiliate network for you is often a tough choice. You have to weigh everything and it’s impossible to answer an absolute yes/no. However, if you’re just starting out in affiliate marketing then we would recommend that you choose the easiest network for beginners. The faster payout minimums and shorter payout times should make earning commissions on the products you promote look much easier than it does for affiliates on the slower payouts and longer payout times at some of these larger networks.


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