6 Social Media Trends You Should Not Ignore In 2013

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  • Great article Jeff as usual.

    I couldn’t agree more with Social and Mobile importance. Businesses need to either have a responsive website or have a mobile version to insure that people can view their website and their content on their mobile. We at Branching Out Europe have seen a big increase of mobile traffic in the last few months so I am currently optimising a mobile version of our site.

    Visual importance is becoming clear to. Like you said about Pinterest, if you’re a retail or manufacture business then you should be on Pinterest! Learn all you can about the platform and see how you can use it to your advantage.

  • Good to see that social content is rated ‘King’. Anyone can increase their SEO rankings with tricks but it takes a true artist to generate traffic through content. We are constantly bombarded with new content, methods like timing, repetition, and design can help earn higher click through rates, shares, and likes. In addition trends are always changing and current events provide opportunities to capitalize i.e. the Oreo tweet from the Super Bowl (got 15,000 retweets). A great social media marketer can utilize all of these elements to create a successful campaign.

  • Beth Wineland says:

    Great idea about Pinterest! I had not thought of that!! Thank you.

  • Harpreet says:

    Great article. Jeff I agree with you 100%. Content, visuals and mobile.

    Just one thing to add; creating videos/youtube uplifts any compaign.

  • Hi Jeff, thanks for the article. I agree on all fronts.

    Although I feel as though mobile has been on the rise for a while though as hasn’t really crept up on us as much as some of the other trends on this list (but I’m biased because my company’s social apps have always been mobile compatible).

    I’m a community manager for a medium-sized retailer (73 stores in Canada & 55K+ Facebook fans). We have a pretty good rhythm and usually we just continue with the same routine we’ve had for over 6 months.

    Lately, they’ve been reaching out to get more visual – I’m almost done totally re-doing their Pinterest. They’ve also been more curious about the benefits of Google+ and what we can do differently with their posts.

    Facebook has always been their number one focus, and will continue to be.

    You’re dead on, as always!

    On a related note, over at Wishpond we crafted an infographic on the state of the “old” king, content marketing: http://bit.ly/15hgSlr


  • I would like to have seen how video enters into this mix.

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