5 Types of of Snack Size Content for Social Media Marketing Worth Considering

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  • Jeff, a really interesting post & one that backs up what I’m being taught. I’ve been an online video student for about 18 months & originally we were being taught to make videos for about 2.5mins. Now, we’ve been told to make them no more than 90 seconds. I think part of the reason is on account of the video being watched. YT is penalizing you in terms of ranking, if your video is not offering valuable content. The way it’s measured it through the user viewing it’s entire length. I’ve tried doing videos that are 90s & it’s really hard. I can’t imagine what value you could bring in 15s though. I’ll have a look at Viddy. I’m not sure it’s for my audience, but it’s worth some investigation.

  • While I’m not totally opposed to Viddy, I feel that brands and businesses would be better off using either YouTube (new Capture app) or SocialCam. You wouldn’t be forced to limit your content to 15 seconds and still have the ability to create 30-, 45- and 90-second videos. Eager to see how the aforementioned apps do in the coming year.

  • Great post, Jeff.

    As we’ve been following the trend into a content and visual marketing world, Viddy sounds like a viable social media tool. Of course, only if your audience is on it and finds it relevant. In short-form content, I personally like the fact that creative directors might choose to work within the confines of uneditable footage (save for the filter). When done right, we’ll have a whole new set of ways to communicate the bare bones of our brand messages.

    Do you see Viddy growing even larger, or is it maxed out in the sub-100 million range?

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