How Search Amplifies Enterprise Collaboration

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  • Christian,

    Great article!

    Similar in spirit to Rumsfeld’s quote, we often put it this way:
    1. Follow — when you are aware of sources of generally relevant information
    2. Search — when you are aware that you have a need for some information now, but don’t know where it is
    3. Discovery (i.e., recommendations) — when you have a need for some information now, but are not even aware you need it and/or that it exists

    In contemporary consumer IT platforms (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, etc.), for which findability is a business model imperative, all three of these capabilities invariably co-exist and complement one another.

  • Tim Harrap says:

    Nice piece Christian and equally succinct comment from Steven. Both worth saving.

    Both of you highlight the reasons perhaps why many Google Searches appear to be showing a downward trend over recent years. Not because people are less interested in any particular subject but because they have myriad other channels to satisfy their query.

  • Great information Christian, thanks for sharing! At Enlyton, the core of our semantic approach to cloud-based search is CONTEXT! Our search solution not only accounts for a document’s meaning; it also interrelates it to other documents to deliver only the most highly-related content.

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