Have Top Google Influencers Author Your Sites to Appease Hummingbird

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  • You kind of left me hanging here:

    So, you can’t just hire a community manager to post ghost tweets and Facebook posts as you, you’ll have to hire someone who allows you to leverage their decade of time, effort, energy, and enthusiastic participation online for the opportunity to use their past efforts as the…

    What happened to the rest?

    • Wow, great find! I will need to rectify that. I did sort of trail off, didn’t I? I really need better editors. I’ll go change it over on the Biznology blog — and I need to sort out how to rectify it over here, which is more of a content aggregation new site. Thank you very much for mentioning that.

  • Daniel, great article. I will share it as well and add you to my circles. I was just commenting yesterday about guest posting, and whether it will still be valued. I’m building up my Authorship, but it takes a while. Established authors, I find, don’t necessarily just guest post or write without compensation (as you said, it will get expensive).

  • Oh, yes, you can, in fact, do that. You just need a good community manager who knows how to write, who can create compelling content, be consistent, and be more passionate about social media than you are. And you can do that for Facebook and Twitter, sure, because over time, all that work, surely, does boost your Google clout.

  • Really great, informative articles Chris. I’ve enjoyed, and been pushing, Google+ for some time now but I’d also missed off numerous simple measure from here. Idiotically, really, but at least they’re rectified now.

    I’m pushing for that Google verification tick by my name, which would be a pleasant surprise. I guess I just have to give it some clout with my content, although I already write for some top sites.

    Thanks Chris, great stuff!

  • Interesting but I don’t see how this is a good thing. To now market yourself on google, you effectively need to allow yourself to be profiled to an alarming degree (interests, facial recognition, online activity, opinions) by a company that has been handing over information on users to a highly suspect – and probably illegal – surveillance program. And let’s not get started on what they’ve done with Chinese activists to keep that market open. You might trust google, I don’t.

    I think the best thing people who are against this can do now is focus on social / brand building in other channels and start using other search engines until google gets the message that even though it really really wants to be big brother, most of us aren’t so keen. google is going too far.

    • Long story shot: if you don’t reveal yourself completely, Google will sandbox you — or, at the very best, demand that you spend with money — ads — instead of with data.

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