Do you know everything that your smart TV can do? These devices are able to connect to the internet on their own, which means they have many more capabilities than a standard TV. They’re also becoming more and more affordable, which means more people are purchasing smart TVs. However, not everyone knows what smart TVs can truly do and so don’t make use of all of their functions. If you have a smart TV and you haven’t connected it to the internet, you wouldn’t believe how much you’re missing out on!

Here are five interesting aspects of your smart TV that you should learn to use if you haven’t already:

1.Access your Social Networks

Since your smart TV can go online, you can use it to access all of your favorite social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. Imagine browsing these sites on your huge flat screen TV instead of on your tablet or smartphone. You can do it all from your sofa, too, so it’s very comfortable. There are a number of different apps on smart TVs that let you easily post updates and share images and videos, too. You can even chat with others using Skype and other programs that allow video chat. Some smart TVs actually bring up social media channels to the side of the movie or TV show you’re watching so you can chat about it on social media while watching it.

If you’re worried about how long it might take to make a status update without a keyboard, don’t—many smart TVs are compatible with wireless Bluetooth keyboards. You may even be able to use your tablet or your smartphone as a remote control and keyboard.

2. Read the News

Sure, you can watch TV news stations like CNN or your local news, but you can also get the news whenever you want it and in whatever form you want. For example, you can download apps from news sites like USA Today and TIME and read up on current events whenever you want. Sports apps from ESPN, BBC Sport, and others are also available so you can get the scores whenever you want them. You can even watch streaming live games through some of these sports apps.

3. Stream TV Shows Online

Can’t find anything to watch on TV? Why not watch TV online instead? With apps for services like Hulu and Netflix, your smart TV gives you access to thousands of TV shows and movies at any time. You’re sure to find a TV show you haven’t seen yet or re-discover an old favorite. Many networks have their own streaming sites that offer the latest episodes of current TV shows after they air, too, so you can stay current on your new shows.

These services continue to update their offerings on a regular basis, so even if you don’t see something you want to watch now, you may find that they’ve added several of your childhood TV shows the next time you check.

In addition to streaming TV shows, you can also stream music from services like Pandora or Spotify. This is great for those times when you really want to listen to music, but want something other than your iPod or phone’s tiny speakers. With the amazing sound systems, you can get to connect to your smart TV and the many different types of music available online, you can turn your living room into a dance club at any moment.

4. Get Recommendations

If you have your smart TV connected to the internet (and why wouldn’t you?), you’ll be able to see what other people have recently watched and what they recommend. You can see what different shows and movies have been rated, and you can even get smart recommendations on a number of apps based off of what you’ve watched and how you’ve rated those programs. These recommendations are usually pretty spot on, too, and can help you discover programs, movies, games, and other things that you never knew existed but are exactly what you like.

Of course, you’ll also be able to go to social media and streaming sites and leave your own reviews. Why not share your thoughts on your favorite shows and help someone else find their next Netflix binge series?

5. Work Out

Your smart TV can access a number of different fitness apps and other training programs that you can use to stay in shape without going to the gym or buying any workout DVD. These different apps cover everything from basic aerobics to routines that focus on specific muscles or types of workouts. There are programs for beginners all the way up to experts, and many of the routines presented don’t require you to purchase any exercise equipment at all. These apps are great for those who hate going to the gym yet want to do some exercising to stay in shape. Some of these programs actually act like a virtual trainer and will respond to your workout goals by creating a custom routine just for you.

Do you Use All of your Smart TV’s Functions?

Did you know you could do all of these things with your smart TV? Many people had no idea! Which of these functions of your smart TV do you use? Which ones do you relish and make you never want to go back to a traditional TV? We’d love to hear what you have to say.