The term resilience refers to the process of adapting appropriately in the face of threats, tragedy, trauma, or adversity among other sources of significant stress. The business environment has all these stressors and thus and forward-looking entrepreneur should have resilience for him to overcome these challenges. Some of them include financial stresses, workplace problems, health issues, social challenges, relationship issues, and even family hardships. All these factors can have adverse effects on your business especially if you don’t know how to address them when they come your way. Resilience refers to the act of bouncing back from painful experiences in life.

Some entrepreneurs fall apart when exposed to incredible amounts of stress while others handle it appropriately. The only attribute that differentiates these two personalities is resilience. As an entrepreneur, you interact with the competition that pauses a significant amount of threat to your business. Some customers may have unrealistic demands that become a potential source of stress. Additionally, some of your employees or partners may choose to become rebellious and this can give you sleepless nights. Some family members may also want you to mix family and business issues. The economic conditions in the country can pose a threat to the survival of your business. All you need is a strong will to be able to push forward irrespective of the prevailing circumstances. Here are some tips on how resilience can help you to adapt the goals of your business.

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Know Your Boundaries

A resilient entrepreneur is aware that there exists a separation between the reason behind the temporary suffering and their core business. These entrepreneurs use their current trauma or stress to build their story and not determine their destiny. As a resilient person, you will discover that obstacles are stepping stones towards the achievement of your business goals. Resilience will allow you to focus more on your business goals and less on the prevailing circumstances. Those people who fail pay more attention to the stressors at the expense of pursuing their business goals.

Keep a Good Company

A resilient person will always want to surround himself with other resilient people. You need someone who will give you hope when things are tough. Resilient people have a third eye that sees some light at the end of the tunnel. Always have these people around you in both the good and bad moments. Some of the experiences they share with you will prepare you for your trying moments. The advice they provide may not offer solutions to all your business problems but it’s usually sufficient to take you to the next level as long as you receive it. The surest step towards failure is surrounding yourself with individuals who see negativity in any challenge that comes your way. Resilience will teach you that challenges come to build your brand and not break it. The trying moments will allow you to think out of the box and come up with better ways of serving your customers or handling the competition.

Cultivate Self-awareness

Not knowing who you are is the worst strategy because it is not sustainable in the long run. A resilient person should know all his strength and weakness. With this knowledge, you will be able to build on your weaknesses as you take advantage of your strength. Imagine getting a new competitor in the market and you don’t know how to handle the situation? You need to use your strength to handle any challenge that comes your way. You cannot tell the best time to seek for assistance unless you understand who you are. The business environment is highly competitive and the changes that take place calls for resilience people who understand their personalities.


The truth of the matter is that some of the experiences that entrepreneurs go through are so painful. Imagine one of your loyal marketing staff resigning and opening a brand that is similar to yours and moves away with all your loyal customers. The competition may also poach your staff with the intention of penetrating to your customer base or even learning your secrets of the trade. People who are outside may want to drive away the pain of that individual who is suffering. However, a resilient person will tell you that stress is part of life. Therefore, you will not try to repress, ignore, or deny the pain but choose to come to terms with the truth. Accepting does not imply that you have given up in life and allowed stress to take full control of your life. Acceptance is the first step of developing strategies that will assist you to overcome the challenge.

Sitting Down in Silence

Life has so many distractions such as gossip, risky behavior, abusing drugs, overreactions, T.V, and radio just to name a few. One thing you need to understand is that business people react differently to trauma and stresses. The most important thing is to learn how you can master your anger whenever these challenges come your way. It can be very embarrassing if you find yourself overreacting in the presence of your employees or customers. A resilient person will always remain still and think before he takes the next action. There is no need to rump up or shut down when a challenging situation comes your way. You could even retreat to a silent place and just think about the challenge and the best way to overcome it. This is not avoidance or judgment because you may find yourself developing some level of mindfulness. Silence is one of the best ways to build resilience, especially among entrepreneurs.

Enlist Your Team

A resilient person knows when and how to get out for help. You cannot leave in isolation because you are not a master of all. You will be able to tell the person who will give you an honest listening ear and share with him your challenges. A resilient person knows that a problem once shared is halfway solved. However, you can worsen the situation depending on the people you share your challenges with. Resilience calls for a scrutiny of who are genuine friends and who are not. It is one of the attributes that any entrepreneur who wants to adapt the goals of his business should adapt.