Dwight Howard recently received a knee surgery, and is set to be out indefinitely. The Houston Rockets star has had troubles with injury before, and is now out for at least a month.

He is a center for the Houston Rockets, and up until his injury in January, he was the second leading scorer on the team, behind James Harden, who some people argue should have been included in the NBA All-Star game.

The team announced today that he had a bone marrow aspirate injection and would begin rehabilitation immediately. His re-evaluation is scheduled for four weeks from now, although there is no date for his return to the court as of now.

Following Dwight Howard’s knee surgery, the Houston Rockets could be in trouble for a while. Houston is currently in third place in the western conference standings with a record 33-15, although with the competitiveness of the west, even the eighth place team is only 6 games behind third.

The Golden State Warriors are of course at the top of the western conference standings with a record of 38-8, and behind them are the Memphis Grizzlies at 36-12.

The last time that Dwight Howard was seen on the court was on January 23rd, the game that he left with a sprained right ankle. However, he later reported that there was swelling in his knee.

Following Dwight Howard’s absence from the team, the Rockets have gone 3-1, although their schedule has not been the toughest as of late. The Rockets have some big games coming up soon as the host the Chicago Bulls tonight, and next week they have games against the Portland Trailblazers, Los Angeles Clippers, and the Phoenix Suns.

Prior to Dwight Howard’s knee surgery and injury, he was averaging 16.7 points per game, and leading the team with 11.2 rebounds per game. Will the Rockets continue to win without Dwight Howard or will they slip in the rankings with their upcoming games against the Blazers and Clippers?

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