storyselling how to use snapchat to sell like crazy

Storyselling: How to Use Snapchat to Sell like Crazy

I want to cordially invite you to a top hat wearing, monocle-toting endeavor. This is where all the fat cats, high rollers, and Vanderbilt’s are hanging out. But before you come in, I must inform you there will be no rebel-rousers, scalawags, or degenerates.

This is only for the Masters of Snapchat like yourself.

At this swanky, event you will learn all the secrets to building a secret Snapchat Society of movers and shakers…

This is how my Snapchat Audience was greeted for the last day of my Snapchat promotion. To say that it was effective would be an understatement.

Here is the full video…

Storytelling makes SALES!

I will be the first to admit, I am not the best storyteller in the world. I am no Homer. One thing I have learned, is that storytelling makes sales. Every time a prospect gives you their attention you have to respect that exchange. With attention, comes responsibility.

They are not giving you attention because you deserve it.

They are giving you attention because you earned it.

There is a non verbal contract that states, “you have my attention so long as you can keep it.” Now do something worthy of my time and energy.

Storytelling is the art of earning and keeping attention.

How to Storytell on Snapchat.

Before I share you my Snapchat storytelling “secrets,” understand the purpose of every snap is to engage the audience and get them to consume the next snap. It’s much like writing an actual story. Every sentence is there to capture attention and carry it forth to the next sentence.

If you have a snap that throws off the story or that interrupts your audience’s ability to enjoy the story—they will leave.

Every story has a few key components. The execution of those components are what makes the story interesting.

Every story has a start, middle, and end.

The start of a story is your hook. It’s the single element that draws them in further.

It’s the hook to entice your audience to consume the next snap. This has to be something that lets the audience know there is a new story about to take place.

You will find what works for you but here are a few ideas.

  • Take a photo of the new day and show the date. That way everyone knows it’s a new day and a new story.
  • Take some snaps in Black & White to show the new story, versus color.
  • Do a signature “wake up snap” like “GOOOOOOOODDD Morning Snapchat!”
  • After you deliver a powerful hook, dive into your story.

The middle of your story is for entertaining, educating, and telling your message.

Attention is fickle, that’s just the real world. If your story is you just talking at the camera, chances are your story is going to… suck. We all love looking at ourselves but your story isn’t that interesting to us (the majority of audience members).

Even if you are not extremely creative, you must do something to keep us engaged.

Here are some examples to make your snaps a little more interesting, and consequently to keep your viewers’ attention.

  • Change the camera angles for different shots.
  • Add emoji’s, filters, and selfie filters shots.
  • Add music to the background.
  • Add sound effects to the background.
  • Draw in your snaps.

The more “layers” (ie. the more elements from above you add in) you add to your story the more fun you and your audience are going to have.

Will you have a longer “production time” as a result? Yes, probably. But that’s how you earn trust, attention and consequently the occasional opportunity to pitch.

If you’re making a pitch, do it at the end of your story.

If you have followed my advice and created a kick butt story, you have now earned the occasional pitch. This might be as simple as saying, “snap me back.” It could be you asking for people to share your Snapchat QR code. Maybe it’s like the previous video asking for the sale.

No matter what your pitch is, you get the super cool opportunity to present an opportunity to your audience. See how I took out “sell?” That is because storytelling is you presenting an idea in their minds and allow them to fulfill that idea.

Does this mean they are going to every time? Nope.

Buuuuuttttt….. If you tell stories, entertain, educate and amuse your audience—they will very often respond to your requests.

Storytelling is your native advertising.

Every story has rhythm, timing, and flow.

Imagine this. You are creating this awesome video of you doing amazing parkour action.

You’re rocking stunts like it’s your job, like running, jumping, and flying through the air. It is super fast paced, with awesome hyped up music in the background… maybe some Deadmau5.

You know your audience is going to be pumped up, excited, and really diving into the action.

Then all of a sudden, midway through your story you throw up a 10-second selfie.

Instantly you just threw on the E-brake and your audience lost from the rhythm or the story. Your flow and timing are off. And, you’ll receive the according results—people leaving your snaps

Not paying attention to the timing of your photos and videos is the biggest mistake amateur storytellers make.

Pay attention to the speed of your story. This might mean messing up and learning from your mistakes, that is ok. Keep timing, rhythm, flow and pace in mind for your Snapchat storytelling.

Creativity is a muscle.

Follow other creative people to get inspired. Steal creative ideas and have fun trying new things. Creativity is a muscle, and you must work it out to have continual inspiration!

I won’t lie my new source of inspiration is: Vine, Youtube, and Facebook videos. I learn from other Snapchatters who I admire and want to emulate. These are people like Shaunayala, AarronFPS, Shonduras, Markowitzh, GentlemanJack, and soooo many more.

From these wonderful inspiring people I get many creative ideas that allow me to make simple easy stories like this.

If you enjoyed these videos and want to see more stories from me, I would be honored if you added me on Snapchat. I am Austiniuliano on Snapchat or add me via snapcode.

For more tips on mastering the art of storytelling, community building on Snapchat, take a look at Snapchat Mastery.

Have additional storytelling tips!? Let us know in the comments!

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