Most of this generation’s time is spent on technology. More specifically, using that technology to gain access to social media platforms. The networks are constantly updating and changing which prompts so many young people to constantly check and update their profiles. This year alone, there are an estimated 179 million millennial social network users.

This alone should be enough reason for businesses in 2015 to engage, take advantage of, and use social platforms to brand their product and business. Traditional methods of advertising just aren’t making the cut anymore. If you want to really capture their interest, it would be in your best interest to start fully utilizing these social platforms to reach the people who have the most purchasing power, and can ultimately make the biggest difference for your brand.



Millennials are a creative generation. They need an outlet to express and share this creative side, and Instagram is it. If your company can tap into this creativity and create content and graphics that are visually appealing, as well as relevant to the times, Instagram will surely serve you well. It is one of the more popular social media platforms.



With Snapchat, it is especially important that you correctly market on this platform. This is a great way to directly interact with millennial consumers in a different way than Twitter and Facebook. Snapchat is a laid back, humor-based application. You can send the ugliest picture of yourself, but the beauty is it will only be seen for 10 seconds at most and then it will be gone forever. However, this can be a great marketing tool by letting your audience see what your brand or company is doing day to day. It will also create trust and a more intimate feeling as your consumers will be able to see what you’re doing in a semi-live stream. Let your followers know when new things are happening, or even put out promotions and your consumers will feel as though they are in the office right next to you.



If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth? Periscope allows you to post live stream videos that consumers can directly interact with via commenting or hearting. As vlogging is becoming more and more popular than blogging, this platform is going to be very beneficial for millennial interaction. Vlogging allows consumers to visually see and hear what is happening with their brand or company instead of just reading it. Vlogging has a much greater impact when it comes to engagement. By engaging more of the human senses and being able to dictate what people are hearing, seeing, and even feeling while watching your post, this will allow you to drive consumers in more ways than you know.

Facebook & Twitter:


Both of these platforms, when used correctly, can be extremely beneficial. The engagement on these two platforms is more intimate and personal than on other platforms. Direct interaction can, and should take place. Customers can comment their feelings, ideas, and questions on these platforms. When you put out content that they like and acknowledge, by responding, you are creating a foundation of trust between your brand and the consumer. Make sure the content you are putting out is appealing to millennials, and make sure you are making them feel special. You will benefit tremendously in the long run by utilizing these social media platforms correctly.


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Don’t know how to fix something? Don’t know how to operate something? Don’t know the lyrics to that song? Want to watch a video that will have you rolling on the floor laughing? No worries, YouTube has your back. This social media platform is specifically known for their helpful how-to videos, as well as adding some comedic relief into millennials’ daily lives. Put out a visually engaging video, don’t forget to add a killer track in the background and call it a day.

By utilizing these social media platforms, your brand will be adapting to the new times and putting itself in the position for the most success to occur.

What other social media platforms did I forget to mention?