Parents on social media are the best.

I succeeded in convincing my dad to join Twitter a few years ago. A week after he signed up he sent out his first Tweet: “Tiger Woods”. He hadn’t learned the difference between the search and compose boxes yet.

(Sorry Dad, that story was too good to keep to myself. Happy Father’s Day!)

For those of you who haven’t had the joy yet of getting Dad on social media, we have some advice. Your dad may be surprised to learn how much he has to gain from getting on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. It’s good for more than just stalking his kids.

Give Dad the gift of social media this Father’s Day. Here are five things to tell him to help make your case.

How to convince your dad to join social media.

1. Keep up with with news and sports.

Every sports team and more sports players are on social media today. They’re sharing behind the scenes scoop and latest news. The same goes for every news publication, reporter, and commentator. Whatever your dad’s interest, find the Twitter feeds that will delight him and show him what he’s missing by not having his own account.

He doesn’t even have to Tweet (though let’s hope he does for your entertainment value) to be on Twitter. So if he’s worried about not wanting to share what he had for breakfast, you can assure him of the fallacy of that popular stereotype.

2. Find help for his DIY projects.

Something to fix around the house? Planning a summer road trip? Building a treehouse in the backyard? Whatever your dad’s latest DIY project, there are surely people who have ideas to help him on social media. Pinterest is full of DIY infographics and links to YouTube videos showing you how to get just about anything on your own. Dad doesn’t have to admit that he looked to anyone else for help. He can even pin some ideas in a secret board to keep it to himself.

3. Browse his favorite categories on Pinterest.

While you’re talking about Pinterest, there’s plenty more you can show him to peak his interest. While Pinterest was made popular as a site for women to plan their weddings and future homes, these are no longer the only categories users are pinning. Today, a third of Pinterest users are men. In the last year Pinterest has seen a growth in categories like men’s fashion and cars & motorcycles.

Whether or not your dad is looking for a mid-life crisis hot rod, there’s a good chance you can find something he’s interested in on Pinterest.

4. Catch up with old friends on Facebook.

You’ve heard plenty of stories about his old buddies and his old high school. Help him reconnect with those people by setting him up with a Facebook account.

Warning here — he will ask to be your friend first.

5. Another way to embarrass his kids.

Dad selfies. Need we say more? The possibilities are endless here.

Check out @FashionDads on Instagram for inspiration.

Tell us how you convinced your Dad to join social media!