This week, Marcus Lemonis visits the owner of Los Gemelos, a Mexican-American tortilla business, who is struggling to compete with big competitors. Teaming up with comedian George Lopez, Lemonis attempts to help Adelo Ramirez get his business back on track.

Ramirez saved up money for three years in order to start his business and his work ethic impresses Lemonis. Their sales were nearly cut in half when their tortillas came up against big name brands. Lemonis likes the Los Gemelos tortilla, which he says tastes “less processed” and authentic.

Ramirez clearly has a lot of enthusiasm and passion for his business, however, Lemonis worries about scaling the business. He offers to at least visit their factory and immediately notices issues with the machines and production process, including safety hazards and inconsistent timing when making the tortillas.

Investing in Ramirez and his character, Lemonis offers $150,000 into a new Hispanic food company for one-third of the business, in addition to another one-third for Lopez, who Lemonis hopes can be helpful for endorsements. He says the factory needs to close, though. The equipment will be sold to pay back Ramirez’s sister.

Meeting with food manufacturers and distributors in Los Angeles, Ramirez presents Lemonis with new product ideas that will appeal to both Hispanic and non-Hispanics alike. Lemonis suggests going back to the drawing board, however, and coming up with products that are in high demand for people around the country, such as salsa and chips. Lemonis then discovers that no equipment was sold because the landlord had foreclosed the factory. He encourages Ramirez to be more transparent going forward.

Trying the new salsa, Lemonis says it “exceeded his expectations” with its kick and richness. They meet with Maglio to produce the salsa and begin planning new designs.

At a tortilla manufacturing factory, Ramirez disagrees with many of the owners’ positions on how to make tortillas, their shelf life, etc. Lemonis boasts their experience and research, however, and encourages Ramirez to work together with La Fortaleza.

Presenting their new designs, Lemonis calls them “eye-catching and charming.” Lopez then meets with Lemonis and Ramirez for updates on the business. Ramirez says he doesn’t believe partnering with La Fortaleza matches their mission, but Lemonis again boasts their authenticity.

Finally doing a taste test, Lopez calls the new products “delicious” and approves them all. He also likes the new and improved “Ta Loco” designs, which is a phrase Lopez very often uses in his routines.

At Sam’s Club, Lemonis hopes that the company could be a game-changer for Los Gemelos. Ramirez pitches the business and their journey up to this point. He stresses Lemonis’ “People, Process, Product” approach and they believe the freshness and authenticity need to be more prominent on the packaging, thus improving brand awareness.

Ultimately, they like the quality of the products and agree to begin selling in their store. Lemonis is impressed by how far Ramirez has come in recognizing how the details are important and expanding his ideas. He says Ramirez really surprised him, clearly happy that he took a chance on him.

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