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So you’re about to launch an awesome new website and want to make sure your SEO is on point – you could even say you want to be sure you’ve spared no expense. Welcome to the club! Unfortunately working on an SEO campaign is not always an easy or fun task, which is why I’ve enlisted the help of some Jurassic Park Gif’s to help explain the joy and frustrations of working on an SEO campaign when launching a new website.

You’ve been working on this really cool website with boat loads of great content and on page optimization for months and it’s finally ready to be launched, but unforeseen problems can arise when launching any website.

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The launch went fairly well with few hiccups, however, initial traffic numbers are not great like you expected. You think to yourself, “B-b-b-but Moz said Content is King, what else could I possibly need!?!?”

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You conduct more research online and realize your site is lacking the link juice it needs to rank well. You begin reaching to other websites for backlinks. Unfortunately most of the webmasters respond like this dilophosaurus.


However, you do get some positive responses and finally get some backlinks and featured guest posts up. Your content begins to rank and pick up some steam.

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Everything was going great until some hacker found a security vulnerability on your site and exploited it. Now you have hundreds, maybe even thousands of spam links and pages all over your site. It doesn’t take long for your website to be flagged by Google as being hacked. Now you have to clean up the site or hire someone else to do it in order to save your rankings.

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You were finally able to recover from the hack and harden your website. It took a few weeks, but you are slowly getting back into Google’s good graces.

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Competitors are now aware of the threat you pose as their rankings continue to slip away and you over take them. Maybe one of them decides now is the time to, “crush you like the cockroach you are”, as Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank would say. Regardless, you notice that your rankings have begun to dip and you’ve picked up hundreds, maybe even thousands of toxic links. It’s time to take out the trash and disavow those bad links.

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With those toxic links out of the way, there is nothing left standing between you and your competitors. You continue creating unique and valuable content that attracts natural links from trustworthy sites. With some time and some luck you end up on the first page and completely overtake your competitors. Of course SEO is always changing, and so is the competitive landscape so you have to be ready to do it all over again at the blink of an eye.

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