seo in 2017

We know, we know! It feels like the latest algorithms for SEO change on a daily basis. And now, in addition to boosting your website, you need to be found in a million different places, from your social media accounts to local directories. Don’t panic. We’ve been watching the latest in search engine optimization, so we know how to get you found.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you’re facing in 2017.

Mobile Is the Internet

According to Benedict Evans, “Mobile is the internet.” There is no longer a distinction between mobile internet and desktop internet searches. In fact, 71% of internet use takes place on mobile devices.

What does that mean? Well, it means if you’re not mobile friendly, you’re missing out. Google really wants you to have those sites optimized for mobile. There are some other benefits you can take advantage of, too. For instance, you probably want to be found on Google maps, too, right?

When someone searches for your location, there’s a good chance they’re on the way at that exact moment to spend some money with you. If they’re already on the way to visit, they’re probably in the car, using their mobile device. If you haven’t provided options to make that experience friendly for them, they may just go somewhere else.

In-App and Social Searching

Now, keeping in mind that 71% of internet use is on mobile devices, we should probably understand how people use those devices. Did you know that 92% of mobile use takes place within an app? The app most used, by far, is Facebook.

seo in 2017

If people aren’t searching on browsers on their mobile devices, then it’s a good bet they’re using apps to search. And the biggest app is Facebook. Have you optimized your social media accounts to ensure that you’re found?

People are using their social accounts to seek out content, too—not just the brand itself. You have a better chance of being found if your content provides the information they’re looking for. This could include links to your website blogs or information posted directly to your social media accounts.

To make the most of the search functions, use your hashtags and keywords within the captions, descriptions, and comments. If you can geotag your business, do it! You’ll see a dramatic increase in the amount of people who find your business through your social media accounts if you just let them know where you are.

Voice Search Options

Keywords are still important to finding your business, but you have to evolve with the times. People aren’t looking for “dog collar red medium” anymore. They’re asking, “Where can I find a medium red dog collar?” They’re not looking for “Thai restaurant Los Angeles good rating.” Instead, they ask Siri or Cortana, “Where’s the best Thai restaurant in Los Angeles?”

It’s up to you to reinvent your search terms with the most natural sounding phrases. Maybe your company does provide exactly what someone is looking for, but if they’re asking with phrases you haven’t planned for, they might not find you.

Your business deserves to be found. Do you need to update your SEO strategy? We’re always here to give you a hand, so just give us a call!