Great sales managers are great coaches. More often than not, they’ve worked deals “from soup to nuts,” and have “carried a bag” as individual contributors to sales teams early in their careers. Now it’s their job to motivate and develop inside and outside account executives to achieve goals and advance their careers.

To successfully motivate their teams, managers should first make themselves equal, rather than different. This often requires managers to “talk the talk” and make their points fast while educating teams.

What follows are ten of the best sales one-liners. Ever. Call them clichés, truisms, idioms – whatever. Executives, sales managers, customers, industry pundits, and other sales reps use them all the time. This is only volume 1, and there are a whole lot more where these came from. Enjoy this first installment, and share with us in the comments which one-liners you use and hear most, as well as which ones you’d add to the list.

Ten of the Best Sales One-Liners. EVER.

  1. Just tell them what time it is; they don’t care how you built the watch.
  2. There’s no need to engineer the Starship Enterprise when all they need is budgetary pricing.
  3. If you can’t thoroughly demo your product, you’ll die on the vine.
  4. You prospect’s got a finely-tuned BS meter.
  5. You can’t expect to take a fishing boat out and just watch the fish jump into the boat.
  6. You won’t get by on just personality and good intentions.
  7. It’s better to lose in the 1st round than in the 15th.
  8. If you’re going to lose, don’t lose alone.
  9. If all you’ve got is a hammer in your hand, then everything’ll look like a nail.
  10. From a strategic perspective, this deal’s carved in butter.

Learn them. Know them. Live them.