Product demos are a popular way to attract sales leads for software. It gives prospects an idea of what many features they can enjoy from your applications and technology. It is important though to demonstrate the features that matter most. When it comes to CRM, one of those features would be security.

Use Your Own Security To Protect Your Sales Leads!

Sales Leads, Software Sales Leads, Lead GenerationSome demos can be both intensive and expensive for the sake of just marketing purposes. Seeing as how they only reveal a piece or two of the actual thing, it does grow a little underwhelming. So instead, you should try attracting your CRM leads by using the very same security your own clients will be using for themselves.

It is only logical. When your marketers show how well your own sales leads will be secure in your company’s CRM database, how much more when it comes to your customer’s own clients? Done right, this has the potential to:

  • Diminish the need of constantly demonstrating features during events.
  • Ensure benefits are felt in real time and not in a vacuum.
  • Help fight the good fight against cybercrime.

One of the many reasons why both B2B and B2C customers mistrust CRM software is that issues of privacy often arise. That does not help when your security capabilities are not up to snuff. You can assure them all you want about how you gather information legally. It will not matter if the hackers targeting you will not be as kind. You also have the risk of less ethical competitors taking advantage of your breaches and locating software sales leads that could have been yours!

Looking back though, you have to remember that this is something that is done right. It is not something you decide to do without knowing how. Follow this list of tips to ensure that your own security impresses both those inside and outside your database of leads.

  • 1. Screen prospects – You never know when even your own prospects could be agents of breach. Make sure that your lead generation process is quick to discriminate against those who use CRM technology for illegal purposes. A prospect that understands the need for such screening is one who understands the side of security.
  • 2. Maintain trust even in hard times – Good security inspires trust. However, it is unrealistic to believe that trust will never tested. There will be times when armies will descend upon you and attempt to scale your firewalls. The best way to keep the faith strong is to remain transparent. Your prospects should be the first to know in any emergency (and it can also be one way to teach them how they should react in turn).
  • 3. Test prospect’s own ability – Always check if your own prospect’s security resources can match with yours. Even with the technology, if they do not fully grasp how to use it, they might overestimate and worse, shift the blame on you. From qualifying your sales leads and all the way to project implementation, always make sure they can use your tools as well as you can.

With digitization, cloud computing, and big data all making large changes in business IT, people are forgetting that cybercriminals are also in tune with these developments. Encourage the fight against it by securing your CRM lead generation process so your prospects in turn can help secure themselves!