According to Selling Power, a corporate research company that analyzes and ranks U.S. salesforces, the following 10 companies have a sales team our company should definitely be jealous of. To assemble this list, Selling Power assessed customer growth and retention; brand recognition and reputation; and hiring, competition, training, and enablement processes. Anybody looking to get into the industry and join a sales team should look at the 10 following companies:

Top 10 Companies You Want to Sell For

1. SunGard

SunGard topped Selling Power’s list with 149 points. But what does the company do? It sells software and technology to the financial services, education, and public sectors. It rakes in $4 billion of revenue, every year, on average, and boasts 25,000 customers (from more than five dozen countries) and 17,000 employees.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the biggest professional network on Earth and finished just one point behind SunGard. It boasts 250 million members in 200+ countries. The company’s goal is simple but elegant: “to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.”

3. Heartland Payment Systems

The bronze prize goes to Heartland Payment Systems, a company that processes transactions ($11 million a day… $80 billion a year!). The company is big, but it boasts “down home” values such as “a real person will answer the phone any time there is an issue and not hang up until it is resolved” and “pricing and fees… are fair and upfront – so that there are never any surprises.”

4. Level Eleven

Fourth place goes to Level Eleven, a Detroit-based company developed by entrepreneur Bob Marsh, who started it in October 2012. Not bad for less than a year and a half in business!

5. Life Force Laboratories

Life Force is a pharmaceutical company that makes and distributes a variety of franchise products, including drug brands like Bystolic, Daliresp, Fetzima, Viibryd, and Tudorza.

6. InsideView

InsideView sells itself as a “pioneer in CRM intelligence.” So it’s probably no surprise this sales team made the list. It develops solutions for sales and marketing professionals — no doubt, they test out their services on their own business processes.

7. Hilti

Headquartered in Liechtenstein, the Hilti group has around 221,000 employees spread across 120 countries. Formed in 1941, the company promotes a “corporate culture … founded on integrity, courage, team work, and commitment.” Two out of every three employees “work directly for the customer and sales organization and in engineering” — a possible clue to why the company does so much sales.

8. DocuSign

DocuSign sells products focused on “digital transaction management” to help companies move from “pen and paper” signage to digital. Their goal is to “accelerate transactions, reduce cost, and delight customers, partners, suppliers, and employers.”

9. UniFirst

UniFirst is an enormous textile and workwear company that leases space, facilities, clothing, uniforms, etc. It boasts over 240,000 locations throughout North America and Europe.

10. Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain is an information storage and management company. It serves huge companies – including 94% of Fortune 1000 companies. It employs 70,000 professionals and boasts a fleet of 3,600 vehicles and 1,000+ facilities.


This article was written by Bob Howard. He is a sales coach and CEO of Sales Overdrive, an international sales and performance consultancy specializing in improving top-line revenue for medium and large-sized companies.

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