Everyone’s obsessed. Podcasting is the new kid in town. And we’re all crushing on it.

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But can it actually generate revenue?

Yes. One podcast strategy in particular can actually increase brand awareness while generating website traffic, and even conversions.

Podcast guest spots, where you or your brand is the subject matter expert, can increase your reach tremendously. It’s kind of like guest blogging way back in the day. The audience knows and trusts the host, so they trust you by proxy.

Wanna kick ass in your industry? Be a sought-after podcast guest!

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Become a Great Podcast Guest and Generate Actual Revenue

Being a great podcast guest and generating revenue with appearances are two separate goals. They’re not mutually exclusive though. You can do both.

Instead of tackling these things with different advice, let’s roll it into one beautiful process. Because as a great guest, you should be building trust and generating revenue. You don’t want to do it separately, and come off as a slimy, sleazy, salesy guest with no value to the listeners.

Want the quick list that’s easy to skim?

Here’s How to Be a Great Podcast Guest and Generate Revenue:

  • Prepare for the media appearance
  • Offer value to the host and their audience
  • Don’t just sell
  • Tell stories
  • Be flexible
  • Have a custom URL on your site for the show
  • Send a thank you note
  • Network like a ninja
  • Share the episode

Here’s how each piece of advice breaks down.

Prepare for the Media Appearance

Your podcast appearance should get the same attention as if you were appearing on a TV morning show or in a major publication. Research the show, listen to at least a couple episodes, know the bits (if they have any) and research the host (like their name pronunciation).

likeable meme on how to be a great podcast guest and generate revenueKnowing about the show and host ahead of time, and referencing past episodes, will make you sound smart and interested in the show and audience. You’ll be more likeable!

From a technical audio and visual point of view, you’ll want to sound look and great. Make sure you have the right equipment and setting for a great recording.

  • If the show records video, have a nice webcam and appropriate background.
  • Have a quality microphone (the Audio Technica ATR2005 is a good entry-level mic).
  • Be in a quiet place (not your local cafe).
  • If at all possible, use a hardwired internet connection.

Offer Value

It’s an often-used piece of advice in marketing, sales and business today. Add or offer value. It’s especially great advice if you’re working to be a great guest on podcasts.

How can you add value? First, use active listening to ensure you’re on-point and aligned with the host. Don’t think about the answers in the most “get people to my services” way possible. Truly listen and answer their questions. Make it an authentic conversation.

Also, give concise answers as much as possible. Answer completely, but keep in mind it’s a dialogue, not a monologue. Let the host be part of the conversation with their audience. Plus, short answers can turn into social posts.

Don’t Just Sell

Be careful you’re not simply selling your services, your courses, your book… you get the idea. You want to reference your “sell” once or twice, but not in every answer.

  • Bad idea: “Well in my book…” for every answer
  • Good idea: “I love that question [HOST NAME]. Here’s what I say…”

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If you’re selling throughout the interview, people will tune you out. But if you’re telling stories, answering questions and engaging in a real conversation, listeners will lean in and begin to trust you. Which leads into the next tip for becoming a great podcast guest…

Tell Stories

This may seem obvious but it’s something that gets missed… often. And one you can prepare for pretty easily.

Create a list of trigger words for your stories. You probably have several you can pull from, which you tend to lean on anyway. Make it purposeful and planned!

Stories have structure. A beginning, middle and end. Keep that in mind when answering your host.

Stories have a point. It may be a “How I overcame” moral or a “See yourself in my story” plotline. Or a “Wow, that was funny” moment. Whatever the point, make sure your stories have them. It will endear the audience to you as the guest.

Be Flexible

Now that you have your stories ready like the biggest hits of a great band, be ready to change it up.

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If you always tell the origin story of your business name because Mark Cuban was part of it, but it’s not part of the conversation, skip it. You have to be ready to go off-script and have an authentic, relevant conversation.

It’s great to offer talking points or “suggested questions” to a host. But it’s a double-edged sword. Many hosts want their own conversation, not a PR agency outline. So they may look over the points on your pitch sheet, but then go after their own conversational path. A great podcast guest can adjust as needed.

Have a Custom URL on Your Site for the Show

“That’s a great question, HOST. I could talk on that for hours. But here’s my short answer. And here’s where your listeners can dig deeper, with custom content just for them. ‘My website’ dot com, slash ‘this show.’”

This is a great way to insert a landing page on your website into the conversation. The “custom content” just for that audience is scalable content packed inside a template where you reference the show.

Want an example? Here you go: Dan Moyle on Wayfinding Growth.

Let’s break down what you’re looking at. First, the URL at point A. It’s my podcast, where I’d want to send people, combined with a podcast where I’m a guest. Make the “slash” page something simple listeners can connect with. In this case, it’s /wayfindinfggrowth.

Next, reference the show. You can see “wayfinders” on this example at point B. That’s what the hosts call their listeners. Directly below that is artwork from the show. If a listener comes here, they see their favorite show art or host, immediately feeling comfortable and trusting.

Next, the welcoming language and reassurance that they’re in the right place at pint C. Then it goes into the offers in point D. These are laid out in a three-tier format of small offer, medium offer, and all-in offer. You could give them a free download or video, then a purchase or other connection that requires a little more effort. Finally, the all-in offer of buying your product or service. Give each listener an opportunity to connect at their own level.

custom landing page example 2 on how-to-be-a-great-podcast-guest-and-generate-revenue-custom-page

Finally, you can wrap up with social links to connect further.

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These custom URL “landing pages” can increase website traffic, build your audience, improve your SEO and drive revenue for your business.

Be sure to ask the website host or their producer to link directly to this custom page in their show notes.

Network Like a Ninja

A huge opportunity with podcasts often overlooked is relationship building. Networking.

When you’re done with your interview, ask the host if they’d refer you to other shows. Ask if they’d take recommendations from your network.

Once you spend about an hour with someone, diving deep into your story, you’ve built a minor tie. Build on that by offering help, asking for help and just simply staying in touch.

Send a Thank You Note

Manners. They’re a lost art. Especially in business transactions. When you can set yourself apart with minimal effort, why wouldn’t you?

Not many podcast guests send a thank you follow up after the recording. By sending a simple “thank you for having me on your show,” you’ll put yourself in good company.

A thank you note can be as simple as an email or social media post (email is private, social is public) or as stellar as a hand-written note. Of course, you’ll have to get their physical address, but in business that’s pretty common.

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In your thank you note, include an offer to help in some way. If you offer a product or service that could help them, feel free to mention it. Offer to connect them with other guests again. Deepen that relationship through value.

Share the Episode

Once the episode goes live, sharing with your audience and giving the host attention will help increase audience and build good podcast karma.

Sharing shows will show your network what you’re up to. And every additional media appearance gives the perception of a growing brand.

Social sharing and linking from your website to a podcast channel will also both help to increase your reach.

Bonus Tip: Listen to Hosts

Want to know what podcast hosts say you can do to be a great podcast guest? I once surveyed a few hundred podcast hosts and asked them this very question. Read all 77 Pieces of Advice for Podcast Guests from Hosts

Whether you’re starting your own podcast or looking to become a rockstar podcast guest, adding this medium to your marketing mix is crucial. With so many podcast listeners consuming content everyday, you’re going to reach your audience with podcasting.

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