In February, Google started testing its new Gallery Ads for search. The goal of this ad format is to enable advertisers to combine search intent with a more interactive visual format, and they are expected to deliver in a huge way in terms of Google Ads ROIs.

gallery ad example

In this post, we will take you through everything you need to know about Google’s Gallery Ads, which are expected to roll out later this year, answering these important questions:

  • What are Google Gallery Ads and how will they work?
  • What are the benefits of Gallery Ads?
  • How will you pay for Gallery Ads?
  • Why should you care about Gallery Ads?

Let’s jump in!

Gallery Ads are described as interactive ads with swipeable carousel images. Meaning Google services will be able to either swipe through the images of your Gallery Ad or click each image to expand to a vertical view, which they can then swipe down. At the end of the Gallery, searchers will be able to see your CTA, which, when clicked, will take them to your Gallery Ad landing page.

As you can see from the Gallery Ad example above, advertisers will need additional taglines of up to 70 characters for each image in their Gallery, which will include four to eight images. Advertisers will also be able to add three main headline options that will be tested to find the best-performing one.

As it stands now, Gallery Ads will only be eligible to show for those top Google search result spots on mobile devices, with Google saying they will test them on desktop and in other Google products further down the line.

Additionally, it is important to note that they will be a new ad format – not a unique campaign type – and will, therefore, compete with other Search Ads in the same auction.

It’s reported that the Gallery Ads being tested right now are yielding 25% more interactions (clicks or swipes) on top SERP mobile listings. That’s a huge jump!

By integrating visuals into the power of search, Gallery Ads will improve how you communicate the value of your products to potential shoppers. In a nutshell: they will drive search engagement like never before. How? By enabling advertisers to visually tell their brand story, launch a new product or introduce a new category, Gallery Ads will take search to the next level.

Google will be charging for Gallery Ad integrations in two different ways:

  • Either you will pay for clicks. As with traditional search ads, you will be charged for the click when a searcher clicks the ad headline, which then sends them to the ad URL.
  • Or you will be charged when the post has at least three Gallery Ad swipe interactions. In other words, if a searcher swipes through three (out of the minimum four) or more images in your gallery.

We all know how powerful strong imagery can be in terms of paid advertising; and Gallery Ads will bring that power to your search campaigns. There is no doubt that this new Google ad format will be packing a punch. Ultimately helping brands stand out from the digital noise, to increase branding, search engagement and impact. Revolutionizing search in the same way that Google did with Google Shopping or Facebook did with their Dynamic Product Ads.

The early bird catches the worm, as they say. Gallery Ads may not be here yet, but as you can see from this post, you want to be ready for them. They are currently in beta, but StoreYa clients will get first dibs before other businesses on this powerful ad format.

Be sure to stay tuned to find out when Google is planning to release Gallery Ad formats in your country and get in early for big rewards.

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