We have long gone past the age wherein a business app is a must for any organisation. With the advancement in technology, user’s choice and specification have also moulded. The tech generation might be aware of the rise of ‘Snapchat’ since 2012 and their unfortunate downfall with their decision to revise the app. A bird view of the company can easily reveal the growing pain and inexperience – a cost which they paid by losing users. Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel revealed in a 6000-word internal memo about some drawbacks and gave insights regarding the problem caused due to the company’s app redesign.

TechCrunch stated that Evan admitted to few anxious moves and strategy which were implemented in rush without doing thorough research. The move from Snapchat to redesign the app’s interface overall made its users opt for other company providing more promising UI/UX social tools like ‘Instagram’. This has given rise for top mobile app development companies to focus on the user experience and design of the app.

During this phase, other social media network took the opportunity and started to shower their presence in the region & market where Snapchat lost the control of user base. On the contrary, while SnapChat was busy fixing the issue and preparing to relaunch, other companies had already captured the underdeveloped markets.

There is a huge understanding to made out of this incident and moreover, a study for any top iPhone mobile app development company, mobile app developers and testers.

1) Thoroughly Grasp User Statistics

Understanding user specifications, target audience, device types and other conditions which are going to be used and test the app against such environment(s). Snapchat’s new app was controllably focusing on wealthy countries such as the US, Canada, etc; while didn’t pay much attention to the app’s performance, bug-fixes and other issues in the low-network developing countries. This was the falling point of Snapchat in few regions of the world while it opened doors for its competitors to capture the market share.

2) Test, Test, Pilot & Test

A good recommendation would be to take your app through rigorous testing and pilot programs. It is best to test on a small group of a user base about the new app design implications and take feedback for the same. Based on the results, the company can then take informed decision to implement across all users.

3) Unhappy Users Is Equal To Bankruptcy

The most significant point for a top mobile app development company to remember is that in today’s tech era there are lots of options available to a user. If they are dissatisfied, it wouldn’t take a moment to uninstall the services and opt for another one. Hence, a small UI/UX deficiency in the app can actually enlist huge damage for the company. Well can’t categorize the Snapchat incident as a huge loss but it definitely is blow back when it comes to company’s growth. Snapchat is planning to get back on the horse with a new Android app but after losing 3 million users and more than $300 million, they have a huge racetrack to cover.