A video playlist is an excellent marketing strategy used to introduce a company and showcase it’s products and services. Playlists are great for grouping similar product advertising and for breaking up longer videos into segments. They also help in reducing the likelihood of viewers becoming distracted by unrelated content.


To get the very most out of your videos, it is crucial that you add a call to action to tell viewers exactly what you want them to do next and how to accomplish it. There are many ways that you can effectively add a call to action to your playlist.

Determine Your Call to Action
You will first need to determine precisely what your call to action will be, based upon your final goal. Depending on this goal, there are many choices available. A few of these include having your viewers subscribe to your business, visit your channel, watch additional videos or share your videos with others.

Decide When to Add the Call to Action
When you add a call to action to your playlist, you can decide where and at what point during the video the prompt will appear. You can place the prompt in the beginning, middle or end of the playlist, as well as a constant prompt throughout it’s full duration.

Pre-Roll and Post-Roll Call to Action
A pre-roll call to action is placed at the very beginning of a video in order to immediately engage viewers by prompting them to visit a webpage, order products or contact you. A post-roll call to action is placed at the end of a video which links viewers to product pages, your company website or to the next video in the playlist.

Call to Action Overlay
A call to action overlay is a customizable banner which you can easily place across your video. The overlay makes it simple for viewers to interact with your company in a variety of ways such as visiting your website, subscribing to newsletters or watching additional videos. They can do all of this by clicking the banner on the video.

When using a playlist, you can include multiple banners throughout the videos making it easy for the viewer to engage with you at any point during the playlist. By doing so, you give the viewer time to see your products, consider their purchasing needs and then when ready to do business, they can be linked directly to you through the banner itself.

Add Annotations
Annotations are popup text boxes that you can set to appear at any point during a video or as a constant prompt throughout the video’s duration. They are great for delivering details and additional commentary. Furthermore, they are an excellent choice when using a playlist, as you can use them to direct the viewers to the next video in line. Additionally, they can be used to get viewers to subscribe, like your video and share it with others. This simple tool can create very effective video marketing when done correctly and when not overused.

Link to Your Website in the Description
Once you have put together your playlist, you can add a link to your website in the description of the video. This way, as the viewer goes through your playlist, they can click on your link at any time. Although this link is not populated on the video itself, it is still a highly effective call to action tool.

Within minutes you can add a call to action to your playlist and transform all of your company videos into powerful marketing tools. What type of call to action most interests you?

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