Spin Sucks

Try to remember back to those days BEFORE you got into marketing. OK; now try to recall THE IMAGE you had of marketing. Not a pretty picture, is it?! Marketing meant manipulation. Marketing meant smoke and mirrors. And in the more modern digital era, marketing means spin, deception, gaming the search engines and tricking people into thinking your brand is better than it actually is. Yikes!

Digital Marketing QoTD (quote of the day)

As many others before me have so eloquently stated, “Spin sucks!” Maybe spin works (short term) for some marketing agencies, but it definitely doesn’t work for the customers, which, in turn means it doesn’t work for the brand (in the long term). Check out our Digital Marketing Quote of the Day:

reality marketing - no spin

“More and more, marketers are turning away from easily constructed spin and digging deep in the truth of their brands. We believe that in five years we’ll look back on the art of spin as an anachronism. The truth is the future of marketing.”

Today’s QoTD is by Jonathan Baskin; author of, “Tell the Truth: Honesty is Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool”. When he says we’ll look back on it as an “anachronism” (yeah, I had to look it up), he means that in the future, it just won’t “fit”, and won’t “make sense” any longer.

Build something WORTH marketing!

You gotta love Jonathan’s hopeful view: “The truth is the future of marketing”! But think about it? What’s the best thing you can do to help build a client’s brand? We at SHIFT Digital Media do our best work for clients when we coach them toward REALITY MARKETING (just a term I’m making up today). “Reality marketing” tells the clients that we, as their marketing partner, can enhance, broadcast, amplify and connect their message to their target audience. These verbs describe the work that we do; but our work DEPENDS UPON SOMETHING REAL and HIGH-QUALITY back at the client’s list of services and products. We’re not creating a fluff-and-bluff digital image to fool people; we’re actually leaping off the platform of what’s truly THERE! We encourage clients to BE THE BEST (not just create articles that make them LOOK like the best). We even help our clients to identify those great things they’ve done (and ARE doing), and we enhance, amplify, broadcast and connect people around those great things.

reality marketing - high quality

We don’t want the job of trying to spin someone’s shoddy work. We want the job of helping people find our client’s EXCELLENT WORK. So please don’t call us and say, ”My product is lower quality than the competition, and yet my pricesare higher. But I need more business. Can you make us look as good as our competition?” Our answer: “Nope”. What we love to do is connect with that small or medium sized business that has really developed a good product or service, or who is engaging in a terrific project, and help THEM become known and connected to the people that are searching for that exact solution! Our advice to businesses: build something WORTH marketing. Then let us help you bring the right people to your door.

Google loves “reality marketing”

The cool thing about practicing “Reality Marketing” is that Google is actually designed to work FOR us. Yep; the search engines WANT to connect searchers to the most relevant, most likely answer to the questions they’re asking. Google WANTS to find the highest quality, best fit between Query and Result.

Let us help you

At SHIFT Digital Media, we’ve helped many businesses transition from a spin-based approach to SEO and Marketing, to a “Reality Marketing” position. We’ve helped them discover their unique features — the things that set them apart and above the competition — and then get those unique features out into the limelight where the right people (friends/customers) can find them. Can we help you do the same? Get in touch with us!