Ahhh, the holidays. A time of joy, a time of cheer, and other than Super Bowl Sunday, a time for some of the most creative television ads of the year. So whether you’re the sentimental holiday novelist, or the jovial nutcracker, one thing is certain… there’s a brand out there with a commercial aiming for you!

Below is a list of the top 5 2012 Holiday Commercials from that caught my eye, and in my opinion, will capture their target markets…

The Tear Jerker

Who else but Hallmark? I thought they succeeded in making this Hallmark moment last for thirty seconds.

The Animal Lovers
Greenies succeeds with the magic advertising formula: kids + animals = successful television ad.

Branching Out
Calling all you hispters and fashionistas alike… ever consider Kohl’s for your holiday shopping? Perhaps now you may…

Kudos to Old Navy for FINALLY bringing a family that everyone can relate to around the holidays front and center in their advertising!

The Generation Blender
So, what commercial speaks to your grandmother, mother, aunt, sister and daughter? Macy’s figured that out…