Savvy entrepreneurs are using webcasts to skyrocket their sales in the online world. And with more companies creating web presences to increase visibility and sales, it’s a great time to be an online marketer. Webcasts integrate smoothly with other marketing channels, from social media to content marketing. It’s important to have a handle on the basics and know what you want to achieve before you start. With these factors in mind, it’s possible to leverage webcasts to attract new customers and press attention for your business quickly.

The basics of webcasting
At its core, webcasting is creating a presentation for an online audience. You can use various tools in your webcast, from live or pre-recorded video to presentation slides, diagrams, and an interactive chat. Once you’ve created your presentation, you can choose to upload it to your site or invite people to participate in your webcast. Some online marketers create pre-recorded webcasts with limited interactivity, while others prefer live recordings and a Q&A with attendees. Think of a webcast as a highly engaging presentation on the web.

Why webcast?
Webcasts are an effective tool for a number of reasons. From a practical perspective, they are extremely cost effective when compared to traditional events or presentations. You don’t need to worry about the cost of time or travel, room rental fees, catering, and all the other costs that are associated with in-person events. You can set up your presentation quickly and easily using software for webcasting. And attendees can attend your event with a few clicks of their mouse.

From a business perspective, webcasts are a dynamic way to increase your visibility. Humans are social creatures, and appreciate the opportunity to interact with one another in meaningful ways. Webcasts are a convenient channel for those seeking both an informative presentation and interactive conversation online. Attendees can use web chats and Q&A sessions to connect with presenters about topics that interest them.

What can a webcast do for me?
Online marketers use webcasts in a variety of ways, from conducting training seminars to showcasing products and services. For the purposes of this article, we’d like to focus on using webcasting to share information about products and services. Webcasts are a highly effective channel for demonstrating new products or explaining how certain services can benefit your customers. They are also great for generating buzz when you are launching a new product.

The most popular webcasts identify customers’ pain points and emphasize how a particular product or service can be used to solve their problem. Top online marketers have expert knowledge of their target audience, and focus their webcasts on creating specific value for their customers. By focusing your webcast on how your product will benefit your existing and potential customers, you’re developing a marketing tool that can be used over and over again. Imagine having a comprehensive, dynamic presentation on why each of your products is valuable?

Webcasting is an impactful way to make connections with existing and potential customers. They provide a practical alternative to traditional events, and a great opportunity to interact in meaningful ways with your target audience. If you want to dramatically increase your sales, give webcasting a shot today. Let us know in the comments below any other tips or tricks you use for effective webcasting.