Each one of your leads is different. They have differing needs, goals, aspirations and requirements before choosing your product. It’s important that you provide unique value along their purchase process. This unique value should come in the form of persona-aligned, buyer’s journey-based and timely-delivered content. 

1. Persona-Alignment

Your content should be a clear reflection of your persona’s voice, needs, pain-points and goals.  When building out your content offer, avoid creating general content that appeals to all personas. When you try to create general content for everyone, you are in fact creating it for no-one. Identify your highest-priority persona (based on your marketing and company goals) and prioritize your content creation around their educational needs. After you’ve created persona-aligned content, avoid “blasting” the same content to your entire database. Again, segment, segment, segment. This will help you improve your conversion rate and reduce the amount of unsubscribes from your database.

2. Buyer Journey-Based Content

the form of content that answers certain questions and gives prospects the tools they need to help them make the best decision. This content should align with the buyers journey. Here are the 3 stages of the buyer’s journey and the types of content you need to provide at each stage:

  • Awareness: Vendor-neutral, educational information that helps your prospect/lead identify a need, problem or opportunity. Here is an example of an awareness-stage piece of content
  • Consideration: Content that helps your lead understand every available option to solve their problem. Comparative e-books or charts work wonderfully in this stage. Here is an example of a consideration-stage piece of content
  • Decision: Now that the lead understand the available options to solve their need or problem, it’s time to provide them with an up-close look at the solution. This can come in the form of demos, trials, consultations, assessments, case studies, 3rd-party reviews or product videos. Here is an example of a decision-stage piece of content.

Here’s a print out from HubSpot to help you provide value to your leads along their purchase cycle.


3. Timely-Delivered Content

The 3rd most important way to deliver value to leads is to make sure they are getting their content at the right time. Not too soon. Not too late. Use workflows to automate the delivery of this content to your database of leads. Workflows allow you to deliver the right content at the right time. Workflow automation also allows you measure the effective of your lead nurturing and quality of content at each buyer’s journey stage.

What are some ways you deliver value to your prospects or leads?