telemarketing companiesThe Hubspot blog is home to many interesting information and recently they have added a great article which can be seen by clicking here. The article contains great info regarding a process known as a Marketing Hack Night. It’s where you and your colleagues do an all-nighter that will put the week’s work of marketing into a single night.

It may sound tiring and you may be thinking that it is yet another way to do work but here’s the thing – you guys are not going to do it inside the office. What’s so good about that? Then you can avoid some (if not a lot) of office restrictions. Some of which may include:

  • Talking excessively

  • Eating in your work station

  • Playing music

  • Attire should be appropriate for the office

  • Singing and dancing

OK, that last part about singing and dancing may be kind off of topic but we can never be too sure.

Point is, this Marketing Hack Night will be about you and your work business colleagues to brainstorm ideas, implement them, and thoroughly plan out the week ahead in a non-restrictive environment. The result? A less boring place to do work.

So how can you do this Marketing Hack Night, avoid procrastination, and focus on the task at hand? Here is how you do it:

  1. Know your goals

    You won’t be going anywhere if you don’t know what you want to achieve. The first and foremost thing that you and your colleagues should plan out is the goals of your marketing endeavors. How many sales leads do you plan on generating over the week? What would be the costs? How much effort are you going to put on marketing for the coming week?

  2. Be flexible

    No, it doesn’t mean you have to play Twister during the course of the night. What it means is that even though there are goals there is only one path to achieving it. Be open-minded to new processes and ideas during the course of the marketing week. Who knows what may or may not happen so it’s better to be prepared.

  3. Lay out the incentives

    Even though your working out of the office, point is you’re still working. Hence, you and your colleagues are doing overtime (and without pay at that). So the lure of getting extra cash is not there.

    So why not put some money into it (or other incentives) when you achieve the goals that you listed. This way, you get yourself motivated, you get your colleagues motivated, and everyone’s happy while they work overtime without extra pay.

  4. Choose the right environment for your work night

    The bar isn’t exactly a good place to hang out when you’re talking about business. Even if you guys want a more relaxed environment, you still need a place to plan and think things out.

    You can go to a colleague’s place (or your house if you want). Remember to set the mood that will get those brain juices flowing.

  5. Establish a clear path towards your goals

    Now that you have the place where you’re going to work all prepped and ready, and your goals have been listed down, it’s time to think about what to do in order to reach your marketing objectives. Do you want to implement this tactic or that? Do it yourselves or outsource to a third party provider? If you outsource, are you going for telemarketing companies or other types of service providers?

  6. There is no “I” in TEAM

    Take note that you are working as a team. Ergo, it is not about what YOU think but what the TEAM thinks.

    Be open to the ideas of others and discuss opinions in a professional manner. If there are some conflicts along the way, make sure to fix them before the night ends. If not then it may very well lead to other conflicts that can and will lead inside the office. You don’t want that now do you?

  7. Time to carry out the plans

    When the work week starts, you can now implement what you have discussed during the course of your Marketing Hack Night. What’s the point of having that night if nothing is going to get done, right? Again, be flexible on what may come and you can reap the benefits that will come in the end.