Get In Front Of Another Newsletter’s Audience!

A great way to build your list is to purchase ads in other people’s Ezines. Your ad will usually be a small advertisement that is only three to five lines of text that go out when the Ezine goes out. But there are other opportunities to purchase top sponsorship ads in other people’s Ezines too. These ads are larger and can be either text or banners.

Ezine ads are related to Solo Ads, in that they utilize someone else’s relationship with their email list, but instead of being single-topic mailings, are an embedded ad in their existing scheduled mailing.

When choosing to purchase ads in newsletters or Ezines the process is the same, it’s important to consider the following factors for best results:

* How Many Subscribers Do They Have? — It’s important to know how many subscribers they have. You don’t want to advertise in a newsletter or Ezine with too few subscribers, but it’s really not that important that there are thousands of subscribers either. Like you, the newsletter should be focusing on building a high quality list.

* How Many New Subscribers Are There? — Out of the subscribers they have, how many have subscribed in the last 30 days or 60 days? The newer the subscribers are the better the list in many ways.

* Did The Subscribers Opt – In? — Ensure that the subscribers double opted-in to receive the newsletter or Ezine. You never want to be associated, directly, or indirectly with anyone who practices deception to get subscribers.

* What Time And Day Are Newsletters Sent? — Does the time of day that the Ezine or newsletter is sent correlate with what your audience would enjoy?

* How Often Are Newsletters / Ezines Sent? — It’s important to find out how often they send newsletters or Ezines because, if they send them too often, they may have a lot of unsubscribers. If you have tons of subs, but also tons of unsubcribers on a regular basis something may be wrong.

* What’s The Open Rate? — While open rates today aren’t completely telling about how many actually read the email, since many people read via the preview window, the open rate still gives you a good idea of their active engagement with their audience.

* Is This Your Target Audience? — If their audience isn’t your target audience you’re wasting your time. Don’t bother placing ads in random newsletters and Ezines because you’re wasting your time and money. Always target your audience with your ads.

* Consider Your Ad Placement Options — Where do they allow you to place advertisements, where is the place that gets the most clicks, do they know? Usually the place that is most expensive is the place that gets the most clicks. Think about how people read emails, and what part of the email they are most likely to see and try to be there.

* Choose Text Over Banner Ads — Most people gravitate to placing banner ads but text ads often work better. If you must put a banner ad, the text that you put on the ad is more important than anything else.

* Buy Ads In Multiple Issues — Don’t just buy a one off advertisement in one issue of the Ezines or newsletters that you choose, run ads 10 to 20 times in a row for best results. Marketing studies show that people need to see you at least 7 times before responding, and there is no guarantee they’ll open each issue so more is better.

* Use Keyword Rich Headlines — Don’t forget to use keyword headlines that pull the heartstrings or are triggers for your target audience to act. The keywords should speak to your audience and cause them to trust you enough to act.

Ezine Ads can be a great way to reach into someone else’s mailing list and gain new readers, fans and subscribers.

Have you used solo ads or ezine ads to market your business, product or newsletter?