fractional CMO supplements marketing team

The true beauty of a Fractional CMO is that, by their very definition, they become exactly what your organization needs them to be. If your company needs marketing leadership but can’t financially or practically support a full-time CMO, then a fractional role is your answer. If you’ve recently had to downsize due to budget cuts and are missing crucial marketing leadership, then a Fractional CMO is your answer. And, if you simply aren’t in a position to employ a full marketing team but you’re ready to scale your company to the point where you can employ a full marketing team… You guessed it: a Fractional CMO is your answer.

In fact, any way you look at the problem, a Fractional CMO is the solution. That’s because an outsourced CMO can supplement your current marketing team in multiple and varied ways—all depending on what your organization specifically needs. Let’s examine some potential scenarios you may be facing.

Fractional CMO as Interim Leadership

If you’ve recently experienced a loss of leadership, either because your full-time CMO has moved into another position or because you had to downsize your company, your marketing department likely has a vacuum in management. This is, perhaps, the most common reason for working with a CMO on a fractional basis, as the right part-time marketing executive has the ability to quickly assess the problems you face, adopt your brand standards, and sync with your current marketing team so that your company doesn’t miss a single step.

The right contract CMO will have knowledge of all marketing strategies and tactics, including the platforms and outlets your organization uses for distributing marketing content. He or she can step quickly into the role, determine the missing pieces, and develop new strategy to help you meet your current goals.

Even better, a part-time CMO can then help you revamp your marketing strategy to help you increase your goals and optimize your growth.

Fractional CMO as Full Marketing Team

In many cases, a part-time CMO has a team of highly experienced marketers with capabilities across the board. When you work with one of these part-time marketing leaders, you can augment your current marketing staff to expand your current marketing abilities.

A contract CMO can help you increase your digital marketing efforts with an SEO specialist or boost the effectiveness of your content marketing with a content expert. If your social media platforms need extra attention, then your Fractional CMO can bring in a part-time team member to make the most of your social marketing.

You’ll no longer need to rely on your small marketing team to be experts in every aspect of marketing. They’ll be able to focus on the things they do best and rest easy knowing that other experts are tackling the rest.

Fractional CMO as Marketing Strategist

When a Fractional CMO takes their place among the leadership of your company, don’t expect them to maintain the current status quo. You’ve hired an expert for a reason, and the right part-time marketing executive will ensure that you get the very most for your marketing budget.

The outsourced CMO will likely examine your current marketing strategy and devise improvements or changes in order to boost your bottom line. Trust your part-time CMO to bring the vision and experience you need to benefit from your time with them. You may find that your overall game plan for marketing changes, but if you’re willing to trust, you could see huge rewards during your CMO’s tenure.

In cases where a business has never had true marketing leadership, the part-time CMO will devise the marketing strategy from scratch for you. By examining your current brand, your company’s positioning, and your target audience, your Fractional CMO can deliver a strategy that will help you reach more potential leads and convert those leads into more sales.

Fractional CMO as Marketing Shake-Up

One thing that will certainly happen when you introduce a part-time CMO to your marketing is a change to your current marketing efforts. No matter how hard your marketing department tries to keep things fresh and current, they may experience burnout or see stagnant results after a while. This is often because they’re wearing too many hats and have unrealistic expectations placed on them.

When you bring in a marketing leader, even for a fraction of the time, you have the chance to jumpstart your marketing efforts again. With a breath of fresh air, new ideas, and untapped energy ready to be used, you’ll see an increase in creativity, results, and revenue.