Outbound Telemarketing Tips using Song Titles from The Beatles

Do you wanna know a secret? Outbound Telemarketing Tips using Song Titles from The Beatles

Not counting the unpublished ones, the legendary catalogue of songs by The Beatles contain so many timeless tracks which imprints on world culture can never be faded out. These songs tackle almost all aspects of life, either literally or implied, and are often referenced to by countless writers, speakers and fellow musicians who just want to spread whatever message they have to convey.

Even in outbound telemarketing and lead generation, The Beatles’ songs can serve as a mystical guide to success just by their titles alone; you can create a long-lasting (and easy to remember) mantra for yourself to realize your maximum potential in achieving your sales goals.

Create your own, or take your pick:

Hello, Goodbye – Everything around the communications technology has evolved, but the basic greeting and closing of a phone call remains the same: “hello” and “goodbye” represents both the front and rear ends of a prospective client’s notion towards you as a telemarketer. While a good opening creates positive opportunities, a better ending leaves behind a more long-lasting impression that can be critical for future transactions.

Eight Days a Week – Any endeavor requires dedication. Sales leads don’t just fall down from the skies into your hands. They have to be scouted, qualified, cultivated, nurtured, and most of all, valued. It takes patience and perseverance, and at the end of the day, all efforts – productive or not – will be all worth it.

A Hard Day’s Night – Not all efforts are fruitful, though. There are times when things don’t get rolling, but the important thing is to have a common vision of improvement. After a long day of struggles and difficulties, everyone must take part in knowing what the weaknesses were, and what to do about them.

Let it Be – A professional telemarketer can easily spot the difference between a dead-end prospect and a fruit that’s not yet fully ripened. If things don’t go as planned, there’s no point in pushing things to the limit. Sometimes, you have to let things unfold by themselves so real opportunities can present itself when the right moment comes.

Can’t Buy Me Love – Business-to-business telemarketing may sound serious and stern, but still, it all boils down to human relationships. Not everything is measured by how much profit each one would make. It’s also about reputation, integrity, and caring about the clients.

With a Little Help from my Friends – Telemarketing may essentially be a one-on-one conversation, but the entire lead generation campaign is a team game. The collective efforts of the telemarketers, team leaders, quality assurance specialists and researchers bring about the success of any sales operation.

Here Comes the Sun – When the mother ship arrives, don’t twist and shout yet. Everything should not only be about celebrating the success. Find out why you succeeded, and find out how you can improve more. That way you can gain something more important than success: consistency.

There are literally hundreds more in their catalogue that can be learned from. You can use your favorite tunes or explore the unpopular ones. You’d know why their songs are so precious – their messages are universal, certainly not only in outbound telemarketing and lead Generation, but here, there, and everywhere.

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