If I hear Content is King one more time as though it’s a new concept I will scream.  Content has ALWAYS been king and ALWAYS will be.  Why would a marketer or business think otherwise?  Just because communication tools change doesn’t mean people value their time or dollars any more or less.

What has changed is how targeted our audiences have become and how targeted the content is due to new communication tools.  So to say Content is King as though it’s a new concept is just silly.  As a strategic marketer, content has always been the focal point to any marketing campaign.  If we aren’t talking the language of our audience and targeting their pain points we aren’t getting through, no matter how that message is delivered.  But now we can use more vehicles to get their attention and deliver the news in ways they want to hear from us.  But if we aren’t using content that speaks to them once they open it, it’s all over.

So what is really “new” is the ever changing number of ways to reach our audiences, not the notion that content is king.   That means knowing which tools our audiences prefer; which can range from Twitter to Blogging, or from Facebook to Pinterest…and more importantly, what’s the next new tool your audience wants to use to communicate and is it just a fleeting fun fad or an anchor communication tool in your marketing campaigns.

With all that being said, I find content to be the one constant in all of this.  It will always be key, and that should never change, at least for me it has always been that important. To think this is something new makes me wonder what people have been saying when they market their business.

Social media didn’t just coin this phrase or discover it.  Great content that is honest and solution oriented should be at the focal point of all marketing communications/campaigns.  Of course it should be clever and help position the sender as an expert and again, this isn’t new….it’s what marketing has been doing forever and will always do.  How we do it will continue to evolve.

Ok…stepping off my soapbox…thank you for listening.