surfing santaWe’re a little past the halfway point to Christmas. And while Santa is probably living it up in the Caribbean before knuckling down in the workshop, we aren’t afforded the same luxuriously seasonal schedule. However, there are a few lessons the jolly old man can teach us this summer.

Santa Claus is a widely known “symbol” of Christmas. His name conjures the image of a rosy-cheeked, white-bearded man in a red suit (who’s rounded out with age). The fact that this is such a strongly consistent visual across cultures and countries demonstrates the power of branded marketing.

His influence is certainly not limited to December. Santa seems to stay relevant in spirit year-round – and we want to know his secret! Whether it’s advertising or social media marketing, businesses of all kind can learn from the personal brand behind Santa. We analyze three digital marketing takeaways from Mr. Claus below.

Be Jolly. A negative experience will turn off consumers from returning – even if you sell the world’s best cupcakes. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough sugar in the world to make up for a bitter in-store interaction or distasteful email. You can be sure that it will be discussed online, so choose to be jolly. Your business – and reviews – will benefit if you are known to be a pleasant company with an equally positive social presence. If you happen to be met with a million silly emails and social questions on a bad day, just think: What Would Santa Do? (Hint: It definitely wouldn’t result in a customer crying).

Appreciate Your Fans. This is customer service 101: online and offline. We always recommend that brands are just as attentive with positive feedback on social media as they would be with negative. Those acknowledgements cultivate loyalty – encouraging consumers to continue the conversation with your brand. Santa has fans writing him letters year-round, and he pays attention to everyone – even if they’re on the “naughty list.”

Consistency is Key. After determining your brand goals and digital voice – stick to it. The same goes for promises made in advertising or throughout the purchase path – deliver them. This is vital not only for reputation management but also general customer satisfaction. Consumers believe that Santa will show up every year, and he does. This keeps brand sentiment positive.

It probably won’t be cookies and milk, but your consumers will provide you plenty of value if you market to them effectively. Advancing capabilities online – such as improvements on social media – allow you to connect more consistently and successfully with consumers. If you stick to the above Santa-approved credence’s while building your brand presence, you’ll benefit by way of improved sentiment, traffic and customer acquisition.

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