One of the greatest challenges of most digital marketers is how to track their offline conversions that occur as a result of an online marketing campaign.

How do you know that an online ad has led to physical sale/ purchase in the store? For instance, if you placed an ad for car sales, how do you track the sale you made from your store as a result of the ad?.

Recent development and technology advancement has made it possible to track offline conversions from a digital campaign.

With Facebook offline conversions, you can track your offline sales.

Facebook introduced their offline conversion solution to help track purchases that take place in the store, over the phone or offline after a customer saw a Facebook ad.

Facebook does this by matching your customers’ transaction data (e.g. name, address, email, Phone no., product purchased etc), known as offline event sets to people in your target audience that saw the ad. Below are the benefits of using facebook offline conversion solution:

1) Better track your online sales

With Facebook offline conversion solution, you can easily track your online sales. It does not matter where your audience saw your ad, in as much as they have a Facebook account. Facebook will match the data stored on the CRM after a purchase to track them. This way, you will be able to distinguish between customers who made purchases online and those who bought in the store.

2) Grow your list with offline events

It is easy to build your customer’s list with offline events. This is because you can easily set up an offline conversion for every prospect that has been added to your CRM/Email marketing software by your sales reps.

3) Scale your best-performing ads for offline sales

By tracking your offline conversions, you understand which ads generate more sales. You can scale your campaigns with this information.

This is particularly important if your campaigns promote products that you can sell offline such as physical goods like cars, houses, consultations, etc.

4) Facebook will optimize your ads for offline conversions

Facebook has data about its users. However, your CRM contains all your customer’s details that Facebook does not know, information that you can leverage to make more sales, creating Dynamic Custom Audiences for your retargeting campaigns.

Facebook has data about its users. However, your CRM contains all your customer’s details that Facebook does not know, information that you can leverage to make more sales, creating Dynamic Custom Audiences for your retargeting campaigns.

When you run a campaign on Facebook, you will have to tell Facebook the details about your ideal client, which may be relevant to your goals.

5) Better understand the results of other marketing campaigns

Facebook Offline Conversion solution allows you to calculate the return on investment (ROI) of other marketing channels. You will know how many sales you get from your ads online and it will be easy to know the ROI of other channels.

For example, if you generated 10 sales running campaigns on Facebook and Adwords, by knowing that 6 conversions came from Facebook, you automatically understand how many came from Adwords.

Examples of companies that have used Facebook Offline Conversion Solutions

  1. Michael Kors

Michael Kors is a luxury fashion brand based in the US. It sells handbags, clothes, watches, etc. The brand carried out an experiment to measure the impact of Facebook ads on its offline sales. To do this, they used a Facebook marketing partner and Facebook ads. They created carousel ads and links ads to drive traffic to their physical stores.

They used Facebook offline conversion solution to track the impact. The offline conversion solution helps the company to determine the number of people who interacted with their ads before going to their stores to make a purchase.

The result?

They gained a better understanding of how its Facebook ads drive sales. They saw a 33% increase in attributed return on ad spend, 31% increase in attributed transactions and 25% increase in attributed revenue.

  1. Mothercare UK.

It is a Mothercare store located in England. They partnered with a Facebook marketing partner to merge its online advertising efforts with its in-store sales. They want to be able to reach expectant mothers and turn them into new customers. They created ads and show it to people who are likely to visit and make a purchase in their physical locations across the country.

The result?

They were able to reach expectant mothers and encouraged them to visit their retail stores. They achieved 7.5x return on ad spend and 16% of purchasers became new customers.

So, how do you set up Facebook offline conversion solution for your marketing campaign?


Up until now, you could only see the sales you make online as a result of your ad campaigns and then guess the number of offline sales.

But with the introduction of Facebook offline conversion solutions, you don’t have to worry about tracking your offline sales. The tool will help to track every sale you make offline as a result of your Facebook campaign.

Facebook Offline conversion solution is a great reporting tool for businesses who sell high volumes of offline sales.

Over to you!

Are you using Facebook Offline conversion solution to measure the number of sales you get from your online campaign?

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