The new year is here, and thoughts turn to strategy. Take a look at these Instagram tips to make sure your work on the platform is amazing in 2022.

Instagram is a great place to be, and in 2022 it will continue to boost your brand’s presence and impact across audiences. Just to make sure you don’t slip up with Instagram this year, we thought we would go over a few pointers that you can use in your strategy on theplatform.


You may have a number of accounts on Instagram that reflect different aspects of your brand. That’s fine.

However, one thing that brands will need to make sure they have taken care of is the handles for each of those accounts. The handles must reflect the brand directly. It’s no good having ‘clever’ or weird handles on your Instagram. It’s such a huge platform it’s easy to get lost in all the noise. Your job is to make sure that you have handles for your accounts that are immediately recognisable as belonging to your brand.

The bio

Just like with all other social media platforms, your bio is absolutely crucial to get people interested and engaged. Some company bios are longer than others, while some are just short and to the point.

It really doesn’t matter too much about length (and that length will be dictated by the platform anyway). What’s important is that your brand bio includes everything that your audience will need to see and learn about what your brand does and why. No waffle, just straight to the point with a clear value statement.

Some brands even employ agencies just to write bios. There’s a lot at stake.

Avoid saturation

In 2022 there will be an absolute storm of content on Instagram. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and if you’re just adding to that dense mess with the content you create you’re doing yourself a disservice.

We have said this many times. The one thing you should be clear on is quality control. If you are able to ensure that you post less on Instagram, but post better, you will still be relevant and engagement-worthy.

Shoot for high quality posts, always. This will mean that you will stand out from the huge crowd on Instagram and have a chance of being noticed and listened to.


As 2022 progresses, we will find that more and more platforms work better with user generated content (UGC). The more people have a voice on your account, the better.

Get going with those contests and focus on getting your audience to contribute and get involved with your brand. This works in two ways. Firstly, it means you can have variety with less work. Secondly, your audience feels like they have ownership and that builds loyalty.

The coming year will feel like the ‘year of the people’ more than ever, as audiences move away from faceless brands that don’t talk to them.

The link

There is only one chance to link to anything, so you have to make sure you use it to the best of your ability. Use the link on Instagram to make sure you are directing people to the offer you want to make. If it is enough just to send them to your website, so be it.

However, many brands use the link well by sending people to their landing page, or some other sign up page. That means it is being used to get something in return.

Don’t waste your link on pointless journeys for customers.

Use hashtags…wisely

Instagram allows for many, many hashtags to be used in a post. Don’t allow that to be a free pass though. Your aim is to make sure you use hashtags as they are meant to be used, as a great way to build engagement.

Stick to a smaller amount of hashtags rather than the 30 that Instagram allows. That can simply be seen as desperate, and it will also look bad visually. Focus on just a few hashtags and you should find that it works out as being a useful part of your approach.

Your image

Finally, your brand needs to make sure that it has a very high-quality image in your Instagram profile. There is really no halfway house here. You either ensure that your photo costs money, and makes a real visual impact with the crispest imagery possible, or you don’t.

If you’re using a logo, make sure it is fit for purpose. It needs to be eye-catching and simple so people don’t find it annoying.

Enjoy 2022 on Instagram, and use the above ideas to make sure the account(s) you run continue to grow.

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