Are you up to date on your Instagram statistics?

Like most social media platforms, Instagram is an environment that’s constantly evolving and changing to suit the needs of its target audience.

For companies to excel on Instagram, they need to keep a close eye on how the patterns of use are changing and what they mean for their marketing campaigns. The latest Instagram statistics can offer a useful insight into your social media strategy.

For instance, knowing that 88% of Instagram users are outside of the US means that you can design your posts to appeal to a more global audience. Understanding that 81% of people use Instagram to search for products and services means that social media managers can successfully highlight new products on feeds and Stories.

Here are some of the Instagram statistics you need to know in 2021.

1. 69% Of Marketers Plan To Spend On Instagram Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has always been a popular strategy for Instagram fans. Almost 3 quarters of marketers on Instagram are planning to upgrade their investment into influencers in the future.

If you’re not investing in influencer strategies yet, now could be the time to get started. Influencers offer an excellent opportunity for companies to connect with their customers on a more emotional level. Instagram marketing statistics constantly show that working with influencers drives more engagement and better opportunities for brand reach.

Take your time to track down the influencer that will have the biggest impact on your audience. The right influencer will be relevant to your brand, and capable of reaching the kind of customers that matters most to your company. Avoid any influencers who seem to have limited engagement.

Key Takeaway: Influencer marketing is a must on Instagram. You don’t need to spend a fortune on your influencers either. Smaller influencers with a highly active following can deliver the same results as celebrities.

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2. Bigger Brands Post More Video Stories

Stories are among the most popular features that Instagram has to offer. Through IG Stories, business leaders can share insights into their company, create a human personality for a brand and more. The great thing about Stories is that they can include a range of media.

According to this graph, brands with more than 100k Instagram followers posted 44.95% image-based stories, and 55.05% video stories, indicating that bigger brands need more video content. Brands with under 5,000 followers shifted in the other direction, with 50.08% of stories focusing on images, and 49.92% offering video.

As your business grows, you may need to think about investing more time and money into different styles of Instagram posts. Video could be a great way to show your professional stance in your industry and provide more information on your products.

Key Takeaway: If you want to compete with other companies in your industry, it’s important to ensure that you’re delivering the right blend of video and image-based content.

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3. Instagram Engagement Increases With Every Hashtag (Until The 11th)

There are few things more important on Instagram than a good hashtag strategy.

More than just a way to connect with followers, Instagram hashtags improve your visibility on the platform. These solutions also make it much easier to appear on the Instagram Explore page, so you can attract new customers.

According to these Instagram statistics, engagement continues to increase on your Instagram posts for every hashtag you post, up to the magic number of 11. After you reach 11 hashtags, there’s a risk that your content might seem a little spammy.

To drive the right results from your hashtags, you’ll need to ensure you have the right type, as well as the correct number. Experiment with trending hashtags, branded terms, and location-based tags whenever you can.

Key takeaway: Every Instagram campaign relies on a solid hashtag strategy. Don’t be afraid to add several hashtags to your posts to boost your chances of reach and engagement.

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4. 50% Of Users Are More Interested In A Brand When They See An Ad For It On Instagram

For the most part, Instagram users browse the channel looking for information and entertainment. However, there’s also a wide selection of Instagram fans who use the channel as inspiration for which products they should be purchasing.

Around 50% of Instagram users say they’re more interested in a company when they see an ad for it on Instagram. If you can afford to bring paid ads into your campaign, then you could improve your chances of connecting with customers on a deeper level.

The key to success with Instagram ads is knowing your audience. Plan your timing perfectly to ensure that you connect with clients when they’re online. Ensure that your ads appear in the right environment (such as in Stories or on the news feed). Remember to experiment with content to see what works best too.

Key Takeaway: Paying for ads on Instagram will help you to earn your customer’s attention and boost your chances of sales.

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5. 70% Of Users Discover Products On Instagram

Customers are increasingly using Instagram to track down the kind of products they want to buy. Instagram is a fantastic platform for inspiring customers to spend, thanks to its aesthetically appealing structure. Instagram Shopping statistics show us that 70% of customers come to Instagram to find something new to buy.

Although your strategy on Instagram shouldn’t be to constantly post pictures of products and nothing else, it’s important to spread awareness about what you have to offer. Combine fun human posts that show off your personality with plenty of shots that show your products in action.

If you can collect and distribute user-generated content of other people using your products, this is even better, as it will act as a powerful source of social proof. You could even show a selection of top-selling products in your Instagram Stories.

Key Takeaway: Experiment with various ways of showcasing your products on Instagram. You can show off your items with user-generated content, create videos, post highlights, and more.

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6. 90% Of People On Instagram Follow A Business

Unlike other social media platforms that focus entirely on personal connections, Instagram is the environment where customers expect to interact with brands. 90% of customers on Instagram follow at least one company.

The key to convincing people that they should follow your brand is to provide the kind of content customers can fall in love with. Look at what your competitors are already doing on the platform and ask yourself whether you can do something similar – but with your own twist.

Pay attention to the information you collect from Instagram Insights too. This will show you which kinds of posts gain the most attention from your target audience, and where you should be focusing your content. Instagram Insights can give you some useful information about the kind of people who follow your brand, which makes content creation a lot easier.

Key Takeaway: Businesses can get a lot of attention on Instagram. However, you need to convince your customers that you have value if you want to gain followers. Make sure that your Instagram profile is optimized for business by using a Business account.

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7. 36% Of Users On Instagram Say They’re More Likely to Purchase From A Brand That Takes A Stand

Finally, for social media marketers to really make the most of Instagram today, they need to get to know their customers a little better. Today’s Instagram statistics show that consumers want to interact with brands that have a human element to them. Demonstrating your values through Instagram and taking a stance on crucial topics will help you to create affinity with your customers.

With 36% of users on Instagram saying they’re more likely to buy from companies that take a political stand, this isn’t the time to fade into the background with difficult topics. The importance of taking a stand will likely increase as more younger people appear on the platform.

However, you’ll need a solid understanding of your audience and what they care about before you start taking a stance.

Remember that around 55% of users also say they would boycott a brand if they stood for a public issue that they didn’t believe in. Failing to know what matters most to your customers could mean that you support the wrong things.

Key Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to make your voice heard about important topics but do your research before you speak out. Make sure you know what your customers care about.

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Learning From Instagram Statistics

Instagram statistics are a valuable tool for today’s social media marketers. The right information can guide you down the right path for your social media strategy and help you to make the most out of your campaigns.

Make sure that you stay up to date on your Instagram statistics, and use the information above as a strategy to guide your upcoming marketing efforts. Don’t forget to pay attention to the statistics you gather from your own Instagram insights too.