Every day, more and more people are using the Internet — not just for casual informational search, but for socializing, too, paving way to countless social media websites. However, these platforms do not only cater for individuals who are looking to connect with their friends and family. Social media has also become a great asset for businesses to market their brand and services online.

Gone are the days when hard-selling through traditional marketing is every business’ weapon of choice. Many businesses, today, have built a name for themselves over Facebook, Linkedin, and other social media sites, and have become very successful. The proliferation of social media opened a new marketing opportunity for businesses — one that is client-centered.

To help form a strong business foundation that will serve your brand as well as your customers, here are the top 8 social media business etiquette to remember.

1. Listen to Your Audience and Acknowledge Them – The first business etiquette on social media highlights the essence of being an interesting conversationalist. Always consider your target audience before posting anything and find out what kind of content they would engage in or be most interested in.

2. Avoid Too Promotional or Boring Content – According to the latest study conducted by BuzzStrem and Fractl, 45% of respondents in their survey said they would unfollow a brand because of too promotional/salely posts. In short, if you post only what’s great about your brand and your products or services. People will get annoyed and will unfollow you!

3. Respond to Messages and Comments – Social networks are designed to be a two-way communication channel where people can get responses in real-time. If used this way, social media becomes a more effective marketing platform.

4. Don’t Badmouth Your Competition – One way to get valuable insights on your competition is by following their social channels. However, this does not give you the privilege to badmouth them. If anything, badmouthing other brands only makes you and your business less likable.

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