Watches can be a great investment, but if you are uncertain as to what to buy, why not read through our infographic listing the 20 coolest watches of all time.

Top of our list is the Rolex Submariner, designed in 1953 and currently costing anywhere between £3,700 – £7,000. Arguably the world’s most recognisable watch, the Submariner was originally built for divers as it is water resisitant to 300m. At home in the oceans, where it remains an indispensable instrument for every diver, the Submariner is equally happy on the wrists of land lubbers as it has a rugged elegance. This probably explains why it adorned the wrists of several James Bond actors, most notably Sean Connery. To keep up with modern fashion trends the watch has undergone a slight update to feature a ceramic bezel and chunkier strap lugs whilst still retaining its classic styling.

At number 7 on our list is the Hublot Tourbillon Solo Bang, made in 2009 and priced anywhere between £49,000 to £1 million. Swiss watchmaker Hublot was only founded in 1980, so is relatively new on the watch scene. Its original line-up featured the first watches ever to have natural rubber straps. They also do a slightly pricier model, the Big Bang Caviar, which has a case and bezel in polished ceramic and black diamonds. It might be quite hard to tell the time, but who cares as it will really impress everyone you meet!

Just to prove it doesn’t have to be mega-expensive to be on our list, at number 17 we have the Tissot T-Touch from 1999. This was the first watch with a touch-sensitive crystal face that allowed you to display a compass, temperature and other useful information. Costing between £350 to £600 this is a gimmicky and geeky watch, but it is most defintely cool!