How you ever wondered about the supermarket? You know, really wondered why it’s set up the way that it is. Why some things are placed where they are, marketing ploys (10 for $10), coupons, music selection, and sample stations? There are some super obvious tactics being used by supermarkets to trick us into shopping they way they want us to; so we’ll spend more money. There are also some secret design maneuvers being manipulated in order to perfectly synchronize — into becoming defenseless — against their superfluous spending ways.

Some people may think the store is set up backwards. “Why don’t they put main dish items next to side dishes?” Which isn’t a bad way to look at the design layout of a supermarket. In truth, supermarkets are set up to be all kinds of ass-backwards. Left, right, sideways, upside down while looking into a mirror — types of backwards. If everything you needed was setup in succession at the front of the supermarket, why would you have any reason to walk through the entire place to pick up other items you need or don’t need?

Someone out there has the distinct job of making sure you have to traverse the entire layout of a supermarket in order to find the things you really need, in hopes that along the way, you pickup a ton of stuff you don’t. The main culprit of this thinking is having shiny magazines of celebrities, candy bars, and drinks available at the checkout stand — which is also one of the biggest money makers for a supermarket. So the next time your in the supermarket, remember some of these tricks outlined in this infographic and you’ll start to see a very different picture being painted for yourself.

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via: Coupon Cabin