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Snapchat is a video messaging application where users can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients. (Wikipedia)

Upon downloading the app users then send pictures or short video clips known as “snaps” to one or more friends.  These snaps are visible for only a few seconds.  Users can write or text over the snap with a message of their choice.

Users also have the ability to create “Stories” by stringing several snaps together.  These stories (snaps) can last around 24 hours on Snapchat, which is beneficial to brands using the platform to market.

Snapchat now has almost 100 million daily users, about a 10th of Facebook’s 936 million daily active users, but Snapchat currently has the fastest growing user base of any of the Social Networks.

The average age demographic of the Snapchat user falls between 13 and 25.  While young, these users represent a coveted demographic.  These users are not just today’s consumer, coming from the wealthiest households, they represent the consumer of tomorrow. (Hootsuite)

Many brands, interested in growing their businesses, are beginning to understand that this is where they need to be.

According to AdWeek, three of the “Best Brands” on Snapchat are:

And Digiday  has outline some of the most successful campaigns, to date:

  • Samsung and MTV’s Music Video Awards

Samsung tapped into the “Live” section of the “Our Story” feature and used aggregates of multiple user snaps to stream the live event.  This was the first ever user generated content interspersed with branded content.

  • Universal (movie launches – Dumb and Dumber and Ouija.)

The 20-second trailer for the film “Ouija” was seen by millions and the trailer for “Dumb and Dumber” did even better than Ouija.

  • McDonalds

New to the platform in 2015 McDonald’s rolled out a 15-second video clip, a part of the chain’s “Choose Lovin” campaign that was run earlier this year.

Though there is no true “ad platform” on Snapchat, many brands and media are finding success using Snapchat.  Can you think of a way to use Snapchat to promote your business?

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