With the fast paced times we are facing nowadays, it is to no surprise that average Americans change their career 7 times in their lifetime. Overall here in the US, 71% of workers state that they are “actively disengaged” or “not engaged” from their work. With this being said, the top reasons for being dissatisfied with jobs today are because workers feel they are being underpaid, have a lack of growth opportunities, there are no career advancement opportunities, and they are feeling trapped.

So, when you’re burnt out on your job or you’re being underpaid, what do you do about it? Mainly people just “deal with it”. Half of respondents said they are satisfied in their current jobs, however, nearly 3 out of 4 respondents have no plans to leave their current companies. There are a lot of reasons one decides to change their careers. The top reason being that the company is downsizing or restructuring followed by the thought of new challenges or opportunities, ineffective leadership, and a poor relationship with the manager. But, sometimes you have to change your career to improve your work and life balance or find a job with better compensation and benefits.

If you feel like you’re going through a midlife crisis and feel that you need a career change, do it. There are a projected 14.6 million jobs to be created by 2018. Not only that, between 2010 and 2020 the healthcare industry will get an expected 3 million jobs and an expected 600,000 computer jobs will be created. On top of those jobs opening, 6.9 million jobs are also to be expected in the social sector including education, health care, nonprofits, and government.

Want to go back to school and get that graduate degree but scared you’re “too old”? Don’t fret, there are 200,000 students between the ages of 50 and 64 that are enrolled in graduate study in 2009. Also, as of 2009, there are 8,200 students 65 and over enrolled in graduate school. It’s all about education and finding a career that fits you. Find where you belong today. Check out the infographic below presented by graduatedegreeprogram.net to learn more.

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