If one of your digital marketing tactics is email marketing then you understand that the most important aspect is actually getting your content to your subscribers. This is one of the most common questions from marketers. There are a myriad of things you can do to either help or hurt your deliverability. It’s important to understand both.

I recently discovered a simple, yet very helpful, infographic by Pure360. Pure360 is an email & SMS marketing provider based in the UK, who specialize in helping businesses get the best results from their campaigns.

Improve Email Deliverability Summary:

  • Be transparent in your subject lines and from address.
  • Only send to those that have opted in.
  • Have clean data, including personalization of their first name.
  • Align with sales to ensure your subscribers know the email is communicated and expected.
  • Avoid keywords commonly abused by spam.
  • Keep images down to a minimum both for a good user experience and junk filters.
  • Always have a plain text version of your email.
  • Be aware of who is using (and abusing?) your IP address reputation.
  • Keep your from address and domain name consistent.
  • Ensure links and image paths are from reputable domains.
  • Ask your subscribers to add you to their address books and safe senders lists.
  • Encourage your subscribers to click through the emails to content you’ve produced.
  • Frequently scrub your list of unengaged subscribers. If they never open then remove them.

How to Improve Deliverability Infographic

Infographic by Pure360