The differences between American football and football in the UK are quite different — the most glaring difference being with football in the UK and no one using their hands but the goalie, and in America they’re putting their grubby little digits on everything in sight. Despite one sport being called “football” for no apparent reason, there is still a question to answer: who has a bigger following on social media?

With everyone being scored by their presence online, and social media being the “it” platform to have a substantial presence on, it only seems right to compare two sports by their social media following. Both Football and Football are starting off their 2012 seasons, and fans are falling out of their seats — from excitement, not inebriation — to watch their favorite teams from either the Barclays Premier League (EPL) or the National Football League (NFL).

More fans of the NFL will follow their teams official league pages on social media, and these same NFL followers take to Twitter to show their love and admiration, while EPL supporters flock to Facebook. But, when it comes to average fans per team, the Premier League comes out on top for both sites. Check out the infographic below to find out by just how many fans the Premier League is up by.

via: Confused