Marketing is changing before our eyes. As technology provides marketers with more reach, more control, and more information, marketing departments are becoming increasingly technical and data-driven. As a result, marketing operations are absorbing more responsibilities and control from their creative counterparts. However, the rise of the calculating marketing scientists should be viewed as an opportunity for more traditional marketing artists.

In a recent article, Stan Woods of Velocity Partners uses the scientist and artist monikers to distinguish between the creative-driven and data-driven marketers of the modern marketing department. Although a slight oversimplification, these distinctions hold a lot of truth about the current divide that exists within many marketing teams.

While these two differently-minded marketers take very different approaches to their duties, the marketing departments that will truly excel in this new age of marketing are those that recognize the value in both approaches. Companies need the data-driven approach of marketing scientists to track, measure, and optimize performance like never before, but they also need marketing artists to deliver innovative, creative campaigns that cut through the crowded marketplace.

We have put together the infographic below to help highlight the tremendous assets marketing artists and marketing scientists can bring to the table, and the advantage of finding a balance between the two.