Even if you’re not familiar with the word “infographic,” you’ve definitely seen them around. They’re those explanatory graphics you see on blogs and social media pages, usually employing statistics and icons to illustrate points. Infographics are a great way to communicate information visually, and can be very useful if you’re looking to glean some quick summarizing information about a topic.

If you’re writing blog posts, a relevant infographic is often a perfect accessory to add. They offer readers something they can take away; a quick reference for them to check back on, that won’t take long to read and understand.

There are entire sites dedicated to creating and curating informative and visually interesting infographics. Here are seven of the best places to find the best infographics.

1. Visual.ly

If you want a place to find popular infographics fast, Visual.ly is great. You will have to make a free account to access their collection of infographics but once you do, you’ll be privy to hundreds of top infographics, ordered from highest rated to lowest. You can also upload your own infographics to the community page as well. Their infographics cover a wide range of topics from business to animals to entertainment.


2. FastCo.Design

Co.Design is the design section of Fast Company, a business, tech and design magazine, which has an impressive repertoire of complex infographics. Their infographics and data visualizations are highly detailed and often interactive, with an accompanying article that expands on the information. Their topics vary, from lifestyle to politics to science, so it’s worth checking out regularly to see what new and interesting pieces they have.


3. Cool Infographics

The name says it all. CoolInfographics.com is not only a place to find trending infographics, it’s also a hub for other infographic design and curation sites, as well as a resource for infographic design tips and tutorials. Randy Krum, the owner of the site, has even published his own book about infographics (also called Cool Infographics), so you know his site is legit.

cool infographics
4. Venngage

Venngage is an infographic maker, and their blog is a great resource for beautiful infographics. Their infographics typically accompany articles about design, marketing and business, but they also have some in-depth research articles about entertainment and current events. They typically offer an embed code for all of their infographics, so it’s easy to embed them on your own site.

venngage screencap
5. Pinterest

In case you don’t already know this, Pinterest is a compendium for beautiful and diverse infographics. A lot of marketers and small business owners use Pinterest to find inspirational and informative infographics, and it’s a great place to post your own graphics where other users are likely to see it. As with any other images on Pinterest, you can pin the infographics to your boards or share them on your social media.

pinterest screencap

6. Mashable

Aside from sections of articles on tech, social media, etc., Mashable has an extensive infographic section. Their infographics typically have a fun, illustrated style, and many of them are animated. They cover a lot of trending and pop culture topics, so it’s likely you’ll see their infographics floating around on other sites–but it’s always good to get them from the source.


7. Daily Infographic

True to their name, DailyInfographic.com posts a new infographic daily, curated from a number of different sources. Their infographics cover a wide range of topics, from practical to entertaining. They always link back to the site where they found the infographics or accompany them with a short article, so it’s easy to find further information on the topics covered in the infographics.

DailyInfographic.com is definitely a good place to start if you’re looking for the best infographics.


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