If the only way that you can safely navigate through your office is to draw out an intricate map route through the clutter (that eventually leads to your desk) then you are in desperate need of an office clear out. This involves getting rid of the things that you don’t need, organizing your paperwork, storing stock safely and making sure that you make the most out of the space that you already have. These three simple tips will get you to your final destination much quicker and they don’t involve knocking down any walls in the process.

1. Self Storage

The first step towards a more spacious office is to clear space by transferring stock, files, documents and other office items to an Alligator self-storage unit. The reason for this is to give your business more freedom, both in the office and further afield. Storage units will give you the ability to store masses of stock and equipment. You can’t concentrate at work if you are surrounded by lots of old paperwork and stock that you don’t need for the time being. Storing such things is the most cost-effective solution and you can be sure that your possessions will be kept safe and secure.

2. Put Your Space To Good Use

It is important to arrange your office furniture in a way that represents your business in the best light whilst taking up only the space that it requires. Having an extra-large desk in a small office will only waste what little space you have. Make sure that the furniture in your office is sensible and that it is arranged in a manner that doesn’t clog the room.

The placement of things in your office is important if you want to make the room more spacious. Paperwork tends to take up a lot of space which is why it should all be organized into archive files using various labelled folders. This is a piece of advice that www.lifehack.org swears by as it will keep you on track of your paperwork whilst storing completed projects until a time in which they are needed.

3. Organize The Small Things

The main culprit of office clutter is all of those ‘little things’ that just seem to get everywhere and don’t have a place of their own. To keep your office tidy and your desktop organized, Entrepreneur advises business owners to use trays to create your own ‘organization system by stacking a tray or two on top.’

This is so that you can prioritize the ones that you will be using soon from those that can wait. Use labels to keep track of the things that you keep in boxes and store these boxes neatly. Free up even more office space by making the most out of your walls. Install some shelves and give everything its place. Stationary and mail should be kept close at hand. Drawer dividers may be what you need to help keep the inside of your desk drawer as tidy as possible.