The much waited Facebook’s second quarter (ending June 30, 2013) financial results are out. According to the results, Facebook hit $1.81B in revenue, up 53%, and mobile hit 41% of ad revenue.

Talking about the numbers, Facebook web has 699 million daily active users (DAU), 1.15 billion monthly active users (MAU). On Facebook mobile, the world’s largest social network has reported that it has 819 million MAUs and 469 million DAUs on an average for June 30, 2013.

Facebook web growth

The web has seen a comprehensive growth from Q1 in comparison to the Q2 2013 results. From 1.11 billion at the end of Q1 Facebook the MAUs have seen a 21% growth to 1.15 billion and from 665 million the DAUs have seen a 27% growth to 669 million.

Courtesy TechCrunch, Facebook has also released the breakdown of its MAUs growth by geography.

As seen from the break down the social network has seen a comparative growth from the Asia region in Q2 followed by Europe and US & Canada. In comparison with Q1, Asia again has shown a considerable growth.

However, In the “Rest of world”, Facebook expanded DAUs 8.33% this quarter from 180 million to 195 million, and MAUs 5.81% from 327 million to 346 million. And in its strongest growth market this quarter, Asia saw an 8.38% DAU increase from 167 million to 181 million, and a 6.26% MAU increase from 319 million to 339 million.

Facebook mobile growth

Facebook mobile has seen an impressive growth in comparison to the web and it comes with no surprise in the mobile first world. From 751 million MAUs in Q1 2013, the mobile segment saw a growth of 51% year on year to 819 million.

Facebook’s mobile-only user count grew from 189 in Q1 to 219 million at the end of June. In June, Facebook saw 20 billion minutes of usage per day, or 17.39 minutes per day per user, or 8.3 hours per user per month.

MAUs on Mobile have seen a constant growth and the below graph from TC says it all. Though Mobile Only sector is yet to see some spike.

Other Highlights of Q2 2013

Facebook also highlighted on some other business developments that would be worth noting. Instagram that Facebook had acquired for $715 million saw 5 million video uploads in the first 24 hours after the feature’s release, and recently hit 130 million users.

Facebook for Every Phone also recently surpassed 100 million monthly active users in just two years after the rich, feature phone version of Facebook launched. A feat that has been possible after the social network had acquired Snaptu for $60-70 million.

Facebook’s acquisition Parse announced last month that 100,000 apps have been built on its mobile backend-as-a-service, up from 60,000 when Facebook bought it.

It has been a steady growth for Facebook in Q2, 2013. While the network is seeing a major growth from the Asian continent, its chase in the emerging markets will get more numbers and revenues in the near future.

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