Undercover Boss and breast implants now go hand-in-hand, thanks to Bikinis CEO Doug Guller. Guller appeared on last night’s episode of the hit show, but it came off as a cheesy infomercial for what has been called a Hooters knockoff.

Gullen introduces his episode of the show by saying that he loves the fact that Bikinis is a “breastaurant” and that customers, known as “fans”, come in for the “sports with a view”. Guller sparked controversy in the first place by purchasing a town on Craigslist and renaming it Bikinis, Texas. Guller uses stunts in order to garner press for his brand and says that it’s something he loves.

Posing as a rocker named Jake, Guller goes undercover to learn that things may not always run the way he wants them to at his controversial restaurants. In Richardson, Texas, “Jake” was confronted with the bartender Jessica who said that she wasn’t wearing the brand’s signature bikini just because she said “we are on TV”. Instead, she opted for a bright pink t-shirt, much to Guller’s disdain. In his words, he was “pissed”. Jessica was seemingly efficient in her role as bartender and declined removal of her top because of the cameras filming her.

Guller said that the more he talked with Jessica, the more he became unhappy with her being on board. Jessica claimed that she had her resume out there and that “as soon as someone bites”, she was out of there. In the end, she was terminated from her job at Bikinis.

Undercover Boss has made a name for itself as a way for employers to get down to the brass tacks within their companies and learn employee morale as well as performance. Doug Guller wanted it to be known that Bikinis is all about booze, beer and sex – three things he referred to as “recession proof”.

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In Arlington, Texas, Doug Guller worked as a server with the ever bubbly Grace. During a particularly slow day, Grace used her cell phone in order to text some friends. In the end meeting, Grace was promised breast implants should she be able to ditch the phone while at work for the span of six months.

When you think of Undercover Boss, does breast implants come to mind? Doug Guller wants us all to remember that if the “bikini babes” can make it, then they will be rewarded with a complimentary boob job.

Guller has been lambasted on Twitter, following the airing of the controversial episode of Undercover Boss.

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Did you see last night’s episode of “Undercover Boss” featuring Bikinis CEO Doug Gullen? If so, what did you think of Gullen’s offer of breast implants to Grace? Did the show stoop to an all new low with Jessica’s firing and Grace’s breast implants offer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.