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Samy Kobrosly from Rockville, Maryland came to the Shark Tank seeking $250,000 in exchange for 2.5% of his company, Snacklins. As a Muslim, Samy is unable to eat pork products but was always drawn to the idea of pork rinds. He came up with his own recipe for a vegan faux-porkrind which is made of mushrooms, onions, and yuca. Not only are Snacklins made without any meat, but they also have a decreased calorie count of only 80 calories per bag. Impressed by the lightness and the variety of flavors, the Sharks were very interested in learning more about Snacklins.

As they expand, Snacklins are looking for a strategic partner that can help them ward off big brands that could try to knock off their product. Samy shares that they are 11 months from being profitable and need a Shark to help them with their strategic growth and scalability within their kitchen. Snacklins are seeing explosive growth and expects to close the year at $2,000,000 in sales. They are in both mom-and-pop shops and national chains but needs to find ways to reduce their costs and increase their profit margins to truly move Snacklins to the next level.

The Sharks love the product but are concerned that the valuation is too high and the margins are too low. Samy explains that employees and other investors own portions of the business and he only owns 30% of Snacklins. They have raised an additional $1.5 million which they have primarily invested into their commercial kitchen. After learning this, Mark Cuban wants to be sensitive to Samy’s position and agrees to provide Snacklins with $250,000 for 5% equity and 5% advisory shares (which are easier on your investors and your employees).

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