Jimmy Kimmel is the master of pranks, though that doesn’t mean he’s vulnerable to getting pranked himself. In fact, the late night talk show host and his wife have a longstanding tradition of trading holiday pranks with their neighbors, who happen to be actors Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.

On the Dec. 15 episode of the Jimmy Kimmel Show, Kimmel explained that last year, Blunt and Krasinski pranked his home by entering the house using a key that was given to them and leaving behind a giant light-up Santa and snowman. Kimmel returned the favor by installing a giant neon insurance sign outside his neighbor’s driveway.

After several more back and forth pranking, which included planting a giant inflatable reindeer and a zombie mannequin, Jimmy Kimmel planned the prank of all pranks by having Blunt and Krasinski’s entire home gift-wrapped and the lawn covered in fake snow. To top it off, he even hired carolers to greet the couple when they arrived home.

This year, Blunt and Krasinski decided to take the prank wars to a whole new level. When Kimmel finished up taping of his show, he went to his car only to find that it has been completely gift wrapped, including the tires, which were wrapped separately. When the car was unwrapped, the interior was revealed to be filled to the roof with ornament balls. That wasn’t all though, Kimmel’s car was gift wrapped a second time the next night, this time, with carolers inside. On the third night with Blunt as his guest, Kimmel’s car was gift wrapped for the third time with Krasinski dressed as Santa.

Jimmy Kimmel is known for his pranks, which has become a popular trend. He was actually the one that encouraged viewers to prank their kids by telling them they ate all their trick-or-treat candy the day after Halloween and filming their reactions. These pranks have become an annual tradition and always become a viral hit once they’re uploaded.

For now, it looks like the pranking with Jimmy Kimmel and his neighbors are only going to intensify. It’ll be interesting to see what he as well as Blunt and Krasinski plan for next year.

[photo credit: Disney ABC Television]