Amanda Bynes Wants To Kill Her Parents, Confession Recorded

Amanda Bynes wants to murder her parents, and reportedly her confession has been recorded. Perez Hilton claims her roommate has taped her words on a car ride in secrecy, and has turned the audio over.

Bynes’ alleged confession about wanting to murder her parents is sure to raise an eyebrow, and displays that the troubled actress needs help if it is real. In the recording, she starts off talking about the desire to kill her father saying:

“If your father was my father… then you would understand why you’d want to slit his wrists, and quote frankly… I don’t want to shoot my father in the face, and that’s why I said I want to like strip for him as a joke. I want to literally like lead him into a ditch and … I haven’t decided how I’d want to murder him because now I have this like, war wound on my face and I don’t believe in murder. Um, ‘cause I know that that is like unfortunate, but it’s not because it’s like ‘my father’ ‘cause i look at him as like a murderer person, he like… is the worst person and he tries to match me and be like, and it’s like nothing would give me greater pleasure than like slitting his throat. That’s what I would love.”

Amanda Bynes wants to murder her parents, and she goes further into detail about her mother. She also gets into her reasoning behind her threats, “like ’cause that’s the thing.”

“So like, I’m not gonna ever do such a thing, but like I call my mom and I threaten to kill her and I threaten to slit her wrist, and I threaten to like burn down her house and I said a bunch of sh-t that quite frankly I’ve never felt better in a long time. Like I didn’t think one unnatural thought until like, I gotta just keep up, like, I’m gonna continue telling you guys I’m gonna murder my family, like ‘cause that’s the thing. They’re in control of my money and that’s why I don’t have much money right now. Like I don’t mean to brag to you guys. I’m no bragger, I don’t like braggers.”

Bynes’ roommate has allegedly handed the recording over, in hopes that the former Nickelodeon star in turmoil gets medical attention. The celebrity has been going on Twitter rants, she’s been sleeping in malls, and she has revealed that she’s bipolar and manic depressive. She obviously doesn’t get along with her parents, but confessing to wanting to murder them shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Amanda Bynes’ murder confession just adds to the controversy that surrounds the star. Do you think Bynes would follow through with something so evil?

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