The Global Pandemic that has now affected the health and economy of the whole world, COVID-19 (coronavirus), has brought volatility in the balance sheets of all businesses, not only in the current year but for many years. Every business, SMBs, and enterprises alike are worried about the future. Currently, no one exactly knows or can predict what is next for the future of their business. In these uncertain times, ecommerce is proving to be the savior for consumers as well as for merchants. According to data by insight tracker’s, ecommerce orders are 54% up in the last seven days compared to the same time the previous year.

Given the demand for online sales, global retailers, especially brick and mortar stores, are planning to jump on the bandwagon by building an online store quickly. Many eCommerce platforms or companies have come forward to cater to the needs of retailers and merchants who are quickly looking to move their brick and mortar stores online. These ecommerce platforms are not only helping in launching an online store speedily but have also come up with many other offers. If you want to set up an online store during this Pandemic, then continue reading the post:

Here is the list of eCommerce Platforms that are offering to help:

Shopify: Shopify is a hosted ecommerce platform that started in 2004. It is the most powerful solution when it comes to starting an online store. Considering the COVID-19 impact, Shopify has extended its free trial from 30 days to 90 days. Also, the company is offering free email marketing tools along with its plans. You must visit their website to check everything they are offering to give a boost while launching an online ecommerce business.

Yo!Kart: Yo!Kart is a well-known ecommerce platform that enables you to launch an online ecommerce marketplace like Amazon or eBay. If you are planning to build an online marketplace to help local vendors or sellers who are losing sales and want to sell online, then you must check the help offered by Yo!Kart. Yo!Kart has reduced the 50% price of its startup package. Also, they are offering free consultation from their team of analysts and consultants who can answer your queries to start an online marketplace.

Quick eSelling: Like Shopify, Quick eSelling is a hosted ecommerce platform that launched in 2015. This ecommerce solutions company, during the Pandemic, is offering completely free ecommerce store setup to global retailers. Quick eSelling has also waived transaction charges in its free plan till 30 June 2020. It is an excellent opportunity for startups and small business owners who want to sell online.

Magento: Magento is the widely popular ecommerce platform that is known for building large scale ecommerce websites. To offer help to local businesses suffering during the Pandemic, Magento has announced three months of free Magento Commerce for all kinds of businesses. Also, it is offering free Magento training programs.

Growcer: As we all already know, the demand for online grocery is surging all over the world. Customers all over the world are either in lockdown or maintain social distancing, which is why the need for online grocery has increased tremendously. In case you want to build a grocery website or marketplace, Growcer ecommerce platform is offering discounts and quick setup to a few clients. It is ready to launch an ecommerce platform that is customizable as per your business requirements.

Ecwid: Ecwid ecommerce platform is giving free access to its premium ecommerce tools like curbside pickup, dropshipping, gift cards. POS integrations, etc. You can check all the offerings on their website.


While the world is moving from offline brick and mortar stores to ecommerce stores or marketplace options. Ecommerce platforms and hosting companies are offering helping hands to these entrepreneurs. If you are also planning to launch an ecommerce website yourself, make sure you do thorough research of these offers before choosing the right one.

In case of any query, do visit the website to gain more insights. We might have missed other ecommerce platforms who are offering help during the Pandemic if you know any, please let us know in the comment section below.